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Administration & Miscellaneous

This record group includes all papers relating to the operation and productivity of IIHR from 1940 on. It is a sequel to the record group titled “Early IIHR Administration.” Folders include descriptions of IIHR efforts, policies, conferences and meetings, operational procedures and budgets, biographical materials of major players (excluding those of Landweber, Rouse, and Kennedy, which are in their own record groups), and official correspondence from 1940 to the present. The Reports to the Dean, Annual Holiday Letters, and Periodical Newsletters are especially rich summaries of what occurred during the time period discussed.

The record group consists of two archival boxes, with additional materials and boxes to be added as they become available.

Box 1. 1940–90

  • “Early Years of the [IIHR] Federal Interagency Sediment Project” (H. Rouse, unpublished summary, circa 1990). Summarizes sediment-related efforts of E. Lane in 1930s–40s
  • General descriptions of World War II efforts
  • Grounds and Buildings Policies/Purchases, 1940s (during World War II)
  • “Tables for Computation of Flow in Open Channels” (anonymous, 1944, unpublished listing)
  • Meetings/Workshops at IIHR, 1940–50
  • Summaries of IIHR Activities/Publications/Structure, 1940s–60s
  • Dale Harris (shop manager), Biographical Materials
  • Professor Phil Hubbard, Biographical Information, Authored Articles
  • Professor Joseph Howe, Biographical Information (1902–83) (Includes “Iowa City’s Sewerage,” J. Howe, Transit, 1990)
  • “Memoir of Francis Murray Dawson, 1889–1963” (H. Rouse, unpublished booklet, 1963)
  • IIHR Budget Information, 1950s–60s
  • Rocky Mountain Hydraulic Laboratory, Allenspark, Colo., founded by C. Posey and Others at IIHR, 1945–60s
  • IIHR Consultants Board, Rouse Years (copies of original correspondence and memos that are in Special Collections—UI Archives, Main Library)
  • “Annual Report to the Dean”  (H. Rouse,  J. Kennedy, unpublished reports, 1945–80)
  • IIHR Holiday Letters (Annual) 1952–81

Box 2. 1952–88

  • General Papers/Correspondence within The University of Iowa. Three folders:
    • 1952–58
    • 1958–61
    • 1962–64 (including College of Engineering Long-Range Plan)
  • “Lecture Notes—A Short Course in Ice Engineering—Topic 1: Ice Formation, Control, and Prevention” (taught at UI College of Engineering, Division of Electrical Engineering, by G.D. Ashton from CRREL, 1978)
  • “Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering For Electric Utilities” workshop at IIHR, 1979 (participant list, summary of presentations, and group photos of participants)
  • “Research, Staff, and Facilities of IIHR” (unpublished booklet prepared for Electric Utilities Workshop, 1979)
  • “Computational Hydraulics at the IIHR” promotional booklet, 1983
  • “COE Channel Stability Meeting” held at IIHR, 1985 (correspondence, meeting information, and minutes)
  • Visit by Fudan University President Xie Xide to IIHR, 1986
  • “Iowa Electric Utilities Workshop” held at IIHR, 1988

Box 3. 1970–2004

  • Mixed fliers and brochures, 1970s–2000 (relevant photos are in Photo Archives)
  • Holiday greeting cards, 1975–early 1990s
  • Mixed papers/publications relating to Ice Research, 1970s–90s
  • Mixed papers/publications related to Fish Diversion, 1980s–90s
  • Mixed Papers Relating to Ship Hydrodynamics, 1990s
  • Annual Letters, 1978–2000
  • Periodic Newsletters (and related administrative news memos), 1986–2000
  • Brochure, “Development of Computational Models for Flow Through Hydroelectric Plants” (Larry Weber 1994; brochure, original graphics)
  • “Interview with Margaret Petersen: Water Resources—Hydraulics and Hydrology”  (produced by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1995)
  • Various documents summarizing IIHR activities, personnel, and students (1978–May 2004, when Weber became IIHR director)

Box 4. 1993–2004

  • IIHR’s annual “Summary of Activities” booklets, two folders:
    • 1981–92
    • 1993–03
  • Posters for general displays and conferences (prepared by Mike Kundert, to demonstrate IIHR’s efforts on specific projects, 1997–2004)
  • Publications about IIHR, press releases, and newspaper articles, 1998–2004
  • IIHR Calendars (produced by students, 2001, 2002)
  • Periodic IIHR newsletters, news memos, and annual letters, 2001–04
  • C. Maxwell Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory: articles/publications/publicity information about 2001 remodeling of building, March 2002 Open House, and June 2003 Dedication Ceremony
  • IIHR Director Search: Vision Statements and CVs of four internal applicants, Feb.–March 2004; a few materials from 2003 External Search (revised  7-2004)
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