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Flood 2013: A Bird’s-Eye View

Posted on July 3rd, 2013


Soil conservation practices at work.

Railroad Bridge

Water creeps close to the level of a railroad bridge.

Buffer Strips

Buffer strips along a meandering stream.

A Pattern of Destruction

Topsoil loss as viewed from the sky.

A Treasure, Lost

Extreme heavy rain takes a toll on Iowa’s fertile soil

Topsoil Loss

The loss of topsoil due to heavy rain is starkly visible.


Field erosion patterns are evident from the air.

An aerial view of erosion caused by extreme rain events in spring 2013.

Encroaching Floodwaters

A pattern of water and high ground is visible from the air.

City Park

When Iowa City floods, City Park gets wet. The Riverside Festival Stage, modeled on Shakespeare’s famous Globe Theatre, is visible in the center toward the top.

Arts Campus

The construction site of the new Hancher is visible in the upper right.

City Park

Some areas of Iowa City, particularly Dubuque Streeet near Mayflower Hall, were threatened by high water.

Floodwaters cover Dubuque Street in Iowa City.


Floodwaters surged out of the banks to swamp roads, fields, and more.

Aerial view of Eastern Iowa flooding 2013.
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