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Welcome to CLE4R!

banner_2_printJPEG222222CLE4R is a new collaborative effort between the University of Iowa, the City of Dubuque, and Dubuque-area partners to improve air quality in Dubuque and the surrounding Upper Mississippi River Valley communities. The “CLEAR” in CLE4R stands for

  • CLEan
  • Air in the
  • River Valley

The “4” in CLE4R stands for

  • Environmental Education
  • Technology
  • Partnerships
  • Planning

Take advantage of free programs and trainings by (1) exploring the website; (2) joining our mailing list; (3) taking our “test your air quality IQ” survey; (4) attending our free events and programs; and (5) following us on twitter and on Facebook.


Last modified on July 5th, 2016
Posted on September 8th, 2015