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Flume Design

IIHR Engineering Services (IES) staff take great pride in their craftsmanship, and flume construction is historically an area of great strength and expertise. IIHR operates several flumes, each constructed by IES staff, who have the skills to construct custom flumes for any project. Our team has also built and installed a number of flumes at facilities around the country. Click an image below to see a gallery of flumes fabricated in the IIHR Mechanical Shop, which can be used by faculty, staff, students, and clients.


Then IIHR Director Hunter Rouse designed this flume in 1941.

Research and Education

Students and faculty make good use of IIHR’s flumes.

Environmental Flow

This recirculating laboratory flume has a test section that is 65 feet long.


The high-velocity flume is frequently used for student research.

Kennedy Flume

This is a low-gradient sediment flume, capable of slope ranging from -1.5 to +3%.

The Kennedy flume is capable of slopes ranging from -1.5 to +3%.

Tracking Sediments

Large-scale sediment recirculating flume.

IIHR's large-scale recirculating flume.

Adding Dye to a Flume

One of IIHR's several flumes, used for teaching and research

Tilting Flume

Multipurpose and self-contained, this recirculating tilting flume can go from 0 to +15.

3D Rendering

A state-of-the-art steep gradient flume.

IIHR's state-of-the-art steep gradient flume

Contact IES today to discuss how we can help meet your flume needs.

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