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Dec 29, 2013 – Sunday

Our day started with breakfast at the hotel.  There were many more savory breakfast foods than sweet, so we tried a soup, savory fried doughnuts (dosa), apicy toasted bread potato sandwiches, curds (similar to unsweetened yogurt, and cornflakes.  After breakfast, we went to a shopping center for ATMs and groceries.  The fruit stands had every imaginable fruit- bananas, oranges, mangos, pomengranate, coconut and more.  Next up was the supermarket.  We purchased water to drink for the week and new snacks and food to try out.

Then we headed out to explore New Delhi.  We went to a fancy rug store where the staff showed us how the weave the rugs on a loom and how the shading of the rug changed with it’s orientation to the light.  We ate lunch at a restaurant called the “Red Onion”.  For many of us, ordering involved trying to remember the names of the dishes we had eaten at the hotel and then giving up and looking for the vegetarian options and pointing to an item while making your best stab at the pronunciation.  YOLO.

 After lunch, we made our way to a goods market- Sarojini Nagar Market.  It was very crowded because it was Sunday, people’s day off.  It was like trying to working your way up to the stage at a packed concert when you had started on the edge of the crowd.  While driving on the highway today, we say a little boy crossing the street at a very busy intersection.  He was wearing a princess crown and when I looked back and smiled, he smiled really big and waved!

We also got learned the most important rule of being a passenger in a vehicle here.  TRUST your driver and you will get through it together.  They are amazing drivers and have a language all their own.  Lane driving is optional, but there is enough honking (long honks, short honks, or intermittent honking going on at all times) to let everyone know what you intend to do.  This picture is tame compared to the usual city traffic that’s interspersed with random pedestrians and sales men to bicyclists to cows and dogs.  A common street sign is “Use dippers at night”.  What are dippers you might ask?  Dippers are headlights, so at night, drivers should signal with their brights that they are going to pass a car.


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