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Dec 31, 2013 – Tuesday

We spent the day seeing the villages in Mewat, looking at the check dams, IRRADs field office, a village school, recharge wells for freshwater and storage ponds.  We started out with the 1 ½ hours drive to the Mewat district.  There is so much to see along the way from traffic and to the scenery- trucks hauling grain and mined goods and seeing landscape change as we went from the city to large towns to fields and small villages.  Many of the villages have ornate metalwork doors that are several years ago as openings to the brick and straw houses.  The mustard as the main crop at this time of year is flowering bright yellow against the gray sky.

At every stop to see a pond or recharge well, people would gather around because they were interested in what we were doing there.  Some of the children knew English and this is how a conversation might go:

IMG_1177       IMG_0256

Teenage Boy- Hello!

Me- Hello!

Teenage Boy – What’s up?  How are you?

Me- I’m good.  How are you?

Long pause…..

Teenage Boy – Good.  Nice to meet you.

Me- It’s nice to meet you.

Long pause…..

Me- What’s your name?

Teenage Boy – Emrohan.

Me- EmroHAN?

Emrohan- Emrohan.

Me- I’m Harvest. Nice to meet you.

IMG_0330      IMG_0339

After lunch at IRRAD’s community center, we saw IRRAD’s radio station.  Over 180 villages can listen to the radio station.  People call in and record stories and songs, and there are shows about good agriculture practices.  Haewon, one of the students in our group, is the 1st Chinese man in the radio station.  We had a few more water supply sources to see, so a couple people in our group got to ride on the motorcycles with our field guides!



The water supply ponds offered a good view of the landscape.  You can see our 3 vehicles for the day in the distance as well as a mass of young boys playing cricket.  They literally just swarm you like you are a celebrity.  Our field guides Leena and Jaifur did a great job of showing us through the villages and the different water supplies.

After our exciting field day, we had a New Year’s Eve celebration at the hotel.  We had dinner and snacks and then to top off the night, had sparklers and spinning roses fireworks on the hotel roof!


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