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In partnership with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) is completing draft flood hazard products for the 85 Iowa counties that were declared Presidential Disaster Areas following the 2008 floods. The flood hazard products will delineate boundaries of flooded areas for the 1-percent annual chance (100-year) and 0.2-percent annual chance (500-year) flood.

Draft Flood Hazard Products

The work is being completed and made available to the public in sequence. When completed, the draft flood hazard products will be available by county via an online Google Maps-based interface.

Important Note: While some of the products created may be adopted by FEMA and become regulatory, maps provided at the Iowa Flood Maps link are not regulatory maps. The products are being provided on this site for informational purposes. Iowans interested in map information for flood insurance purposes should visit the FEMA Map Service Center or contact local officials to view the current regulatory map for their jurisdiction.

Upcoming Draft Flood Hazard Product Review Meetings

The Iowa DNR will coordinate public meetings in each county following completion of the draft flood hazard products. Iowa DNR and Iowa Flood Center staff will be on hand to demonstrate how to interpret the information.

No meetings currently scheduled.

Last modified on January 31st, 2014
Posted on September 27th, 2013