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Selected Publications

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Odgaard, A.J., Lyons, T.C., and Craig, A.J. (2013). “Baffle-Drop Structure Design Relationships,” Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE, 139(9), 995–1002.

Ray, C.M., Bizzarri, R.E., Cassidy, J., Lyons, T.C., Odgaard, A.J., and Carl, J. (2012). “From Milwaukee to D.C.: A Review of D.C. Water’s Innovative CSO Tunnel Drop Shafts,” Proceedings, WEFTEC 2012 (Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference), New Orleans, La., Sept. 30–Oct. 3.

Abraham, D., Kuhnle, R.A., and Odgaard, A.J. (2011). “Validation of Bed Load Transport Measurements with Time Sequenced Bathymetric Data,” Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE, 137(7), 723–728.

Lyons, T.C., Odgaard, A.J., Muste, M., Cowden, S., Nielsen, K., and Orakzai, S.H. (2011).  “Odor Control Modeling in Sewage Drop Structures and Tunnels,” Proceedings of the 34th IAHR World Congress, Brisbane, Australia, June 26–July 1, pp. 2663–2670.

Odgaard, A.J. (2009). River Training and Sediment Management with Submerged Vanes, ASCE Press, Washington, D.C. (171 p).

Odgaard, A.J. and Abad, J.D. (2008). “River Meandering and Channel Stability,” Chapter 8 in Sedimentation Engineering, Ed., Marcelo H. Garcia, ASCE Manuals and reports on Engineering Practice No. 110, 439–459.

Politano, M., Odgaard, A.J., and Klecan, W. (2007). “Case Study: Numerical Evaluation of Hydraulic Transients in a Combined Sewer Overflow Tunnel System,” Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE, 133(10), 1103–1110.

Ettema, R., Muste, M., Odgaard, A.J., and Abaci, O. (2006). “Outflow Calibration for Vertically Distorted Models of Thermally Stratified Reservoirs,” Journal of Hydraulic Research, IAHR, 44(4), 535–546.

Ouyang, H., Weber, L.J., and Odgaard, A.J. (2006). “Design Optimization of a Two-Dimensional Hydrofoil by Applying a Genetic Algorithm,” Engineering Optimization, Taylor & Francis, 38(5), 529–540.


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Posted on July 10th, 2013