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Drone History

Phantom 2 Vision+

Setting the Phantom up was the difficult part of the process. Once that is complete, flying the drone is simple to learn and easy to take up. It is recommended to read the whole manual before using the Phantom in order to avoid any scenarios that would be harmful to the drone. However, there were a few issues we encountered that were not addressed in the manual, and we will give our insight into these issues here.

1. The biggest issue we ran into that took the longest time for us to figure out was our inability to connect the camera to the drone’s wifi. For some reason, whenever we tried to get it to work, the wifi would work for a very short amount of time and then cut out. After spending hours of trying new things and obsessing over forum boards, we could not find a solution. We did learn that many people had the same issue as us, which is one of the reasons why we are posting this here. In the end, the solution that worked for us was much simpler than we thought it might be. We held the controller so that the top of the wifi was pushed right up next to the camera on the drone, maybe a couple centimeters away, and then turned everything on. In order, we turn on the controller, then the wifi range extender, and then the drone. After that, everything works fine for us. Many people solved this problem in many different ways, so we cannot guarantee that this solution will work for you. But we do hope it helps. The wifi extender is also supposed to work better when flying if it is pointed directly at the drone.

2. Another recommendation given by several people has been to always point the antennae on the controller to the right, so that it points parallel to the top of the controller. We are not sure if this is beneficial or not, but it hasn’t failed us so far.

Below, we have links to forums where you can investigate issues regarding the setup of your drone, and videos that were helpful in teaching us how to set up and fly the drone.

Unboxing and preparing to fly:

Tips for setup and flight, accompanied by useful advice:

This channel has hundreds of videos of tips for using the Phantom and examples of videos taken with the Phantom:

Unfortunately, the Phantom 2 Vision+ was crashed in the summer of 2015. Consequently, we have acquired the Phantom 3 Advanced.

Phantom 3 Advanced

So far, we have come across no major problems with the Phantom 3. It has a better camera, longer flight capabilities, and better control. Additionally, the whole problem involving the WiFi signal was rendered void with the new drone because it came with a cord that connected the controller to the phone. Besides all of this, there are not many differences between the two drones. The controls are exactly the same besides a few camera buttons that make it easier to take pictures. We are happy with how it has been working for us up to now.

Last modified on August 27th, 2015
Posted on April 1st, 2015