Map showing drought conditions in the western United States in 2020

Does Less Pollution Mean Less Precipitation?

IIHR researchers Wei Zhang and Gabriele Villarini (IIHR director) have published research linking urban sprawl to an increase in rainfall and flooding during Hurricane Harvey.
David Cwiertny stands in front of the Burlington Street Dam on the Iowa River

IIHR Researcher Studies Water Pollution Solutions

David Cwiertny is researching water quality and wastewater treatment.
Water rushes through the spillway of the Coralville Dam

Villarini: Midwest Floods More Frequent

Floods are becoming increasingly more frequent over the Midwest and surrounding states, according to IIHR Assistant Research Engineer Gabriele Villarini.
Closeup of switchgrass

Switchgrass Removes PCBs from Soil

IIHR researchers have found a type of grass that was once a staple of the American prairie can remove soil laden with PCBs.
IIHR Currents Cover from 2014-15 featuring a group of researchers standing in a river next to a water quality sensor

IIHR Currents: Water touches everything

The new issues of IIHR Currents is on its way!