An agricultural tile empties water into an Iowa Stream

Surprising Phosphorus Trends

We now know that total phosphorus concentrations have significantly decreased at a dozen sites on Iowa’s rivers. Phosphorus, along with nitrate, is commonly used as fertilizer; both contribute to nutrients in Iowa’s rivers and streams and ultimately all the way downstream to the Gulf of Mexico.
Tom Stoeffler speaks with Dan Mahoney standing in a river. The water-quality sensor can be seen behind them

IIHR’s Water-quality Network Grows

Thanks to a network of water-quality sensors deployed and maintained by IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering, water-quality data is now readily available for many sites in Iowa.
Gabriele Villarini poses in front of the Iowa River

Villarini to Receive AGU’s Macelwane Medal

Gabriele Villarini was chosen to receive the American Geophysical Union's James B. Macelwane Medal
Students stand in a large cave with a LiDAR scanner

Exploring Unseen Iowa City

Beneath downtown Iowa City’s Brewery Square lies a network of man-made tunnels and caves that dates from the city’s earliest days