IFC Hosts Open House in Honor of Pres. Harreld

September 12, 2016

Ibrahim Demir demonstrates IFIS for onlookers

IIHR’s Ibrahim Demir (left) demonstrates the Iowa Flood Information System to UI President Bruce Harreld.

The Iowa Flood Center (IFC) was proud to host an open house from 7–9 am on Sept. 15 at the Hydraulics Wind Tunnel Annex on the University of Iowa campus.  The event was part of a series of open houses featuring the university’s “hidden gems.” The “Week of Inspiration” honored the installation of President Bruce Harreld as the University of Iowa’s 21st president. Harreld was among the 50 people who stopped by the Wind Tunnel Annex for coffee, donuts, and lots of IFC technology and information.

Visitors saw and experienced:

  • The IFC’s mobile polarimetric X-band radar, used for precipitation monitoring
  • Stream-stage sensors, which measure stream water elevation
  • Rain gauge platforms that monitor rain and soil moisture
  • A hands-on watershed model demonstrating how flooding moves through a basin
  • The Iowa Flood Information System, an online application that provides real-time flood-related information statewide

Visitors also had the opportunity to visit IIHR’s Model Annex, where they saw a physical model of a vortex dropshaft and tunnel section for the city of St. Louis.

  • Donuts!

    Enticing signage led visitors to the open house venue at the Wind Tunnel Annex.

    A photo of the Iowa Flood Center free donut open house
  • Bird’s Eye View

    Visitors to the Wind Tunnel Annex saw one of the IFC’s four polarimetric radars, stream-stage sensors, soil moisture and rain gauge platforms, a watershed model, and the Iowa Flood Information System.

    The wind annex pictured from above with people milling about.
  • Iowa Flood Information System

    University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld (right) talks with Ibrahim Demir of the Iowa Flood Center about the Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS).

    Ibrahim Demir shows Harreld the IFIS system
  • The Guests of Honor

    IFC Director Witold Krajewski (center) in conversation with UI President Bruce Harreld (right) and Mary Harreld. Dan Ceynar (left) looks on.

    Witold Krajewski speaks with visitors to the wind annex
  • Kaffeeklatsch

    IIHR Director Larry Weber in conversation with new UI President Bruce Harreld and Mary Harreld.

    Larry Weber speaks with president Harreld
  • Stream-stage Sensors

    The IFC’s Dan Ceynar (left) explains to UI President Bruce Harreld how the center’s stream-stage sensors work.

    Dan Ceynar shows his river sensor to visitors
  • Plenty to Smile About

    IFC Director Witold Krajewski surrounded by some of the people and technology that make the Iowa Flood Center thrive.

    Witold Krajewski poses in an IFC polo