Affinity Groups

IIHR is comprised of faculty, staff, and students with a wide range of interests outside the lab. Below is a list of IIHR affinity groups. Anyone is welcome to join these groups! The description is followed by the name of the organizer and their email to inquire about when and where the group meets.

If you have an idea for a new affinity group that you’d like to participate in and/or help organize, contact Laura Myers.


IIHR faculty, staff, students, and visitors usually meet weekly at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center for a fun and friendly game of soccer. All skill levels are invited to join the fun or stop by to cheer us on! Contact Gabriele Villarini for more information.

A Band!  (Music Performance Group)

IIHR students, staff and faculty are welcome to join our ‘Music performance’ group.
If you play an instrument or sing , and would like to experience playing with others in a band , please join us.
Depending on availability, the plan would be practicing 1 to 2 hours per week.
West Music in Coralville has nice facilities to host the group.
Contact: Felipe Quintero Duque

Games (cards, board, etc.)

We would meet weekly on dates that work best for group members; either at a local bar/restaurant or someone’s home. The group would consist of open game days/nights with a variety of card and board games brought by members to play together. Open to anyone who just wants to be social, have fun, and play games! No prior knowledge, experience, or game ownership required!
Contact: Stephanie Houser