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Free Flow (, a sculpture by Shirley Wyrick.

Free Flow (, a sculpture by Shirley Wyrick.

Sculptor Shirley Wyrick on Free Flow:

The river speaks to each of us by letting us hear ourselves, and by allowing us to reflect and to listen to that river of thought and feeling that flows deep within each of us.

The intrigue of fluid movement grew within me from an early age through listening and watching. I spent a good deal of time just looking, listening, and feeling the action of waves and boat motors while on many family fishing trips, being fascinated with the “rain babies” that formed when raindrops fell in puddles during heavy rains, observing the slow formation of ice on a nearby creek and gazing in wonder at the languid movement through the air of smoke from my dad’s ever-present pipe.

Many people from the beginning of time have experienced this same intrigue and fascination with the movement and transformation of fluids, and some of these people began scientific study to uncover water’s secrets—so that they could predict its movement, direct its flow, and harness its power. An entire field of inquiry, including hydraulic engineering and hydroscience, grew from this deep interest—a field that includes passing on to others, through formal education and research, the results of experiments, practical applications, and theoretical discoveries.

The body of my artwork, seen over time, has become a sort of river in itself—a river that seeks new outlets as it sweels and joins with new streams that feed it and make it broader and stronger—a river, which in its totality, continues to be a “work-in-progress.”

Listening to the river is difficult to do. There is lack of things to hear. My hope is that Free Flow will help you not only to “hear” the river’s many messages, but that it will also help you to hear yourself.

Shirley Wyrick, Artist

September 2007


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