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April 2011

Sediment Dynamics upon Dam Removal

Thanos Papanicolaou is an editor of the manual Sediment Dynamics upon Dam Removal, published by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

With the growing concern over adverse environmental impacts of dams on ecosystems and fish populations, the number of dam removals is rapidly increasing. This 175-page manual covers numerical and physical modeling and field experience on dam removal and its modeling. It is intended to be used by watershed and river agencies and their consultants, as well as researchers in continued efforts to enable people to live in a healthy balance within their environment.


Grinnell College’s Center for Prairie Studies co-sponsored a two-day symposium analyzing “Iowa’s Troubled Waters: the Challenges of Quality and Quantity.” The April 6–7 symposium, also hosted by the college’s Luce Program in Nationals and the Global Environment,  explored Iowa’s water problems and possibilities.

As part of the program, Connie Mutel,  discussed “Water in Iowa: From Gift to Curse and Back Again.”


Funding Awards and Renewals:

  • James Buchholz received a $104,310 grant from the U.S. Department of Defense, Air Force for “Fundamental Bounds on Vortex Shedding in Forward Flapping Flight.”
  • Marian Muste and Marcela Politano received $31,098 from the Electric Power Research Institute for “American electric power Conesville effect of shutting down a once-through system on the ice buildup in intakes.”
  • Troy Lyons and Larry Weber received $200,000 in funding for a project to test a log-cost integrated hydroelectric turbine/generator.


Student Awards

  • Yushi Wang was awarded a Hydro Fellowship for the 2011–12 academic year by the Hydro Research Foundation. The fellowship includes his full stipend, full tuition, funds for his advisor, and travel funds to attend 3 Hydro Fellows Roundtables. Yushi is a PhD student working with Marcela Politano and Larry Weber.

Congratulations to the IIHR students who won awards for their posters at the College of Engineering Research Open House on April 7:

  • Seyed Hajimirzaie (Haji) was awarded the Graduate Poster Award in Civil & Environmental Engineering.
  • Haji’s poster was also chosen for the Popular Choice Award.
  • Nick Sitter was awarded the Graduate Poster Award in Electrical & Computer Engineering.
  • Jeremy Bril was awarded the Graduate Poster Award in IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering.
  • Sean Plenner was awarded the Undergraduate Poster Award in IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering.



  • April 8, 2011: David Cwiertny, assistant professor of chemical & environmental engineering, University of California-Riverside, Bourns College of Engineering, presented “Advanced Oxidation Processes with Carbon Nanotubes: Surface-Promoted Formation of Hydroxyl Radical during Ozonation.”
  • April 15, 2011: Jennifer Filipiak, director of Conservation Science for the Iowa Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, discussed how conservation work in Iowa fits in with the conservancy’s global mission. In particular, discussion focused on the Iowa-Cedar Basin and how the conservancy is addressing the threat of altered hydrology with partners through an Integrated Water Resources Management approach.
  • April 22, 2011: Douglas J. Jerolmack, assistant professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania, presented “Co-evolution of desert dune, vegetation and groundwater patterns as a result of sediment transport.”
  • April 28, 2011: Kevin Richards, assistant director for Surface Water Monitoring, U.S. Geological Survey, Wisconsin Water Science Center, presented “Distribution and Sources of Nutrients in Streams in the Upper Midwest.”
  • April 29, 2011: Marty Adkins and Gregg Hadish, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, presented “Iowa Floodplain Assessment Decision Support Tool.”
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