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Administration and Miscellaneous

This record group includes all papers relating to the operation and productivity of IIHR from 1940 on. It is a sequel to the record group titled “Early IIHR Administration.” Folders include descriptions of IIHR efforts (including the emergence of computers and the International Perspectives study abroad course), administration and policies, conferences and meetings held at IIHR, IIHR reviews and self-studies, staff meeting minutes, operational procedures and budgets, biographical materials of major players (excluding those of Landweber, Rouse, Kennedy, and Patel, which are in their own record groups), IIHR-focused publications for the general public such as brochures and fliers, and official correspondence and operational memos from 1940 to the present. The Reports to the Dean, annual holiday letters, Advisory Board Meeting materials, annual Summaries of Activities, research displays developed for conferences, and periodical newsletters are especially rich summaries of what has occurred during the time period discussed. Many of the administrative materials for the end of the 19th and early 21st centuries were taken from IIHR Director V.C. Patel’s files; some additional materials referring more broadly to IIHR might still be found in the Patel record set, or in record sets of other former directors.

The record group consists of 15 archival boxes, with additional materials and boxes to be added as more materials become available. It should be noted that these record sets become less complete starting in the 21st century, as electronic communications gradually replaced paper records. However, the administrative papers in this record set give a good sense of the diversity and energy of IIHR’s daily goings-on through the 20th century.

Box 1. Mixed: Financial Papers, 1950s–2004; Computers, Library, International Perspective Class, 1950s–

  • Budget information (1950s–60s)
  • Fiscal summaries, account summaries, and financial memos (see also “Senior Staff Meeting Agendas” folder, 1993–2003)
  • Fiscal year projections and summaries (1998–2004)
  • IIHR computers (1970–2003)
  • IIHR Library, decommissioned circa 2010, Dan Daly, long-time librarian
  • International Perspectives study abroad course (1998–____)

Box 2. IIHR Advisory Board Meetings, 1958, 2000–

  • IIHR Consultants Board, Rouse years (originals in Special Collection – University of Iowa Archives, Main Library)
  • Advisory Board meeting (2000)
  • Advisory Board meetings (2001–02)
  • Advisory Board meetings (2003–04)
  • Advisory Board meetings (2005–09)
  • Advisory Board meetings (2010–15)

Box 3. Reviews, Self-Studies, Strategic Plans, Director Searches, 1985–2000

  • Internal (1995)/external (1996) reviews (reports and correspondence)
  • Appendices to internal review (November 1985)
  • Strategic plan (1989), self-study (1991–92), director search, internal review (reports and correspondence)
  • Director search, external review (report and correspondence, 1993)
  • Strategic plan (1996), self-study (1997–98), and external review (see also: folders on senior research staff retreats in Box 15)
  • Internal review, plus background materials (1997)
  • External review (1998)

Box 4. Reviews, Self-Studies, Strategic Plans, Director Searches, 2001–

  • Strategic plan (and correspondence, 2001)
  • Academic reviews (and correspondence, 2002)
  • IIHR director search (February–March 2004): internal IIHR candidates, vision statements, and CVs (and a few materials from the 2003 external search)
  • Self-study (2016)

Box 5. Personnel: Mixed Personnel Files Including Staff, Student Activities, and Alumni, 1902–

  • F.T. Mavis, E.W. Lane, biographical information (1934–38, 1983)
  • Joseph Howe, biographical information, (includes article, “Iowa City’s Sewerage,” Transit) and Lucille Howe obituary (1902–83)
  • Professor/student list (1940–71)
  • Dale Harris (shop manager), biographical materials (most donated by Ella Harris, 1947–90)
  • Phil Hubbard, biographical information, articles he authored (1948–2013)
  • F.M. Dawson, memoir (by H. Rouse, 1963)
  • Mixed papers related to IIHR personnel, Josh McNown, A. Jacob Odgaard, and Fred Stern (1976–____)
  • Mixed papers related to IIHR personnel, Fred Stern, Witold Krajewski, Jerry Schnoor, Bill Eichinger, etc. (1991–____)
  • Mixed papers on Rob Ettema (1991–____)
  • Interview, Margaret Peterson (plus obituaries and other papers, 1995)
  • Mixed papers on Tatsuaki Nakato (1997–2016)

Box 6. Personnel: Mixed Personnel Files Including Staff, Student Activities, and Alumni, 2004–; Personnel: Performance, Salaries, Research Track, etc., 1985–2005

  • Student activities—SIAHR, student recruitment, graduate research (2007–____)
  • Alumni news and obituaries, includes UI College of Engineering Alumni Awards (2003–____)
  • Personnel retirements and deaths, Forrest Holly, Subhash Jain, Donald McDonald, and Art Giaquinta (2003–____)
  • Papers on Larry Weber, director (2004–17)
  • Researcher/alumni interviews for IIHR Currents, J. Ashton, M.L. Beninati, J. Buchholz, P. Carrica, K.B. Chandran, C. Davis, B. Eichinger, W. Nixon, D. Schnoebelen, K. Schilling, S. Surine, H.S. Udaykumar, and M. Wilson (2014)
  • IIHR performance metrics – faculty/staff (1985–2005)
  • IIHR faculty—memos, development of “Guidelines for Faculty Affiliated with IIHR,” fiscal arrangements for IIHR faculty and new hires during this period (1994–96)
  • IIHR-affiliated faculty and staff—self-evaluations, salaries, activity summaries, performance evaluations (1996–2003)
  • Promotion reviews of IIHR research engineers/creation of research faculty track (2003)

Box 7. External Communications: Meetings and Workshops at IIHR, 1940–

  • Miscellaneous meetings/workshops at IIHR (1940–50)
  • Miscellaneous meetings/workshops at IIHR (1958–2012)
  • “Lecture Notes on a Short Course in Ice Engineering: Ice Formation, Control, and Prevention,” G.D. Ashton, unpublished IIHR report (1978)
  • “Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering for Electric Utilities,” IIHR workshop (1979)
  • University of Iowa College of Engineering Channel Stability Meeting at IIHR (correspondence, meeting information, and minutes, September 1985)
  • Ice symposium (August 1986)
  • Iowa Electric Utilities Workshop (October 1986)
  • Hydro-Informatics conference, fourth international, July 2000 (planning and brochures, 1999–2000)
  • Planning of Kennedy Symposium, “Issues and Directions in Hydraulics” (May 1995)
  • River Flow 2016 (July 2016)

Box 8. External Communications: Annual Letters to Alumni and the Public, 1952–

  • Binder with “IIHR Christmas letters, photos, and negatives” (1958–89)
  • IIHR holiday letters (annual, 1952–81)
  • External Communications, Annual “Dear Iowans” letters, by Marlene Janssen (1978–2000)
  • External Communications, Annual “Dear Iowans” and “Dear Friends” letters, written mostly by Laura Myers (2002–08), Rob Armstrong (2002)
  • External Communications, IIHR Currents, annual magazine, (mostly written and edited by Jackie Hartling Stolze, 2010–____)

Box 9. External Communications: Fliers, Brochures, and Press Publications, 1950–

  • Mixed fliers and brochures (note: photos for many of these are in Photo Archives, in file marked with brochures’ dates) (1980s–2000)
  • Mixed fliers and brochures (2001–____)
  • Publications about IIHR, press releases, newspaper articles, etc., by external media and organizations (1950s–2004)

Box 10. External Communications: Mixed Talk Overheads, Conference Displays, Website Printouts, etc., 1975–

  • Holiday greeting cards (1975–1990s)
  • IIHR calendars (2001 and 2002)
  • V.C. Patel’s “Overview of IIHR” talk overheads (circa 2000)
  • V.C. Patel’s “IIHR Overview of Education and Research” overheads (2000?)
  • V.C. Patel’s IIHR “Overview of Education and Research” overheads (2002)
  • Marketing—website development (1994–97)
  • Early printout of IIHR website, undated (circa 2000)
  • Complete printout of IIHR website (May 2007)
  • DVD of IIHR website (December 2009)
  • E-Week excerpts with items about IIHR researchers (2004–07)
  • Posters for general display and conferences (prepared by Mike Kundert, 1997–2004)
  • Posters for general display at conferences (prepared by Mike Kundert, 2005–11)

Box 11. External Communications: Periodic/Monthly Newsletters, 1986–2010

  • Periodic newsletters (and related administrative news memos), by Marlene Janssen (1986–2001)
  • Monthly News and Information,” electronic newsletter by Laura Myers (2003–10)

Box 12. External Communications: Annual Summary of Activities Booklets, 1993–

  • IIHR annual Summary of Activities booklets, 1981–92)
  • IIHR annual Summary of Activities booklets (1993–2003)
  • IIHR annual Summary of Activities booklets (2004–____)

Box 13. Internal Communications: Mixed Correspondence within the University of Iowa, 2006 Tornado Pictures, etc., 1945–

  • Invitations to staff parties (2000–____)
  • Annual Report to the Dean (H. Rouse, J. Kennedy, 1945–80)
  • General papers/correspondence within the University of Iowa (1952–58)
  • General papers/correspondence within the University of Iowa (1958–61)
  • General papers/correspondence within the University of Iowa, (including College of Engineering Long-Range Plan, 1962–64)
  • Iowa City tornado, photos by Mike Kundert, newspapers (April 13, 2006)

Box 14. Internal Communications: Memos and Administrative Files, 1975–2013

  • Memos and administrative files (1975–78)
  • Memos and administrative files (1979–80)
  • Memos and administrative files (1981–84)
  • Memos and administrative files (1985–86)
  • Memos and administrative files (1987–93)
  • Memos and administrative files (1994–95)
  • Memos and administrative files (1996–97)
  • Memos and administrative files (1998–99)
  • Memos and administrative files (2000–04)
  • Memos and administrative files (Larry Weber, director 2004–____) (2005–13)

Box 15. Internal Communications: Staff Meetings and Retreats, 1976–

  • Staff meetings, agendas, and minutes (1976–93)
  • Staff meetings, agendas, and minutes (1994–2003)
  • Staff meetings, agendas and minutes (2004–_____)
  • Senior staff retreats – (June 1998, May 1997, May 1998, June 1998, September 1998, December 1998, March 1999, October 1999, May 2000, and May 2013) memos, minutes, details of information discussed, IIHR—financial and other summaries (1998–2000)