Early Research

In its early years, the Hydraulics Laboratory focused on practical research aimed at solving real-world problems. This research addressed subjects such as water power, road culverts, weather and streamflow, plumbing issues, river sediment, weir and current meter measurements, water flow down the Mississippi River and over the Keokuk Dam spillways, fish passage over dams, and even establishment of Iowa’s state park system. Research was often performed under contract or in conjunction with a government agency, several of which established sub-offices within the Hydraulics Laboratory.

This record group, consisting of 16 archival boxes, includes papers dealing with all aspects of projects performed between 1920 and approximately 1940 (World War II): research contracts and arrangements, datasets, correspondence and discussion notes, and the resulting speeches, reports, and published and unpublished papers. Many high-quality original photos are also included (see the Photo Archives “Research Projects” record group for additional photographs). For information on contemporaneous hydrology efforts, also see the record group titled “Ralston Creek Data and Reports.”

Box 1. Miscellaneous, 1920s–30s

  • “Obstruction of Bridge Piers to the Flow of Water” (F. Nagler, ASCS Transactions, 1918)
  • USDA cost data sheets for drainage tile and excavation (1920)
  • “Hydraulic Tests of Calco Automatic Drainage Gates” (F. Nagler, Transit, 1923)
  • “An Investigation of the Flow of Water around a River Bend” (anonymous, unpublished IIHR report conducted by the Bureau of Public Roads, USDA, at Hydraulics Lab; folder includes preliminary and final reports, 1925 and undated)
  • “Iowa Lake Inspection Tour” (F. Nagler, unpublished memorandum, 1928)
  • “Measuring the Water Output” (F. Nagler, printed copy of paper delivered at Iowa Water Works Conference, 1929)
  • Nagler’s efforts concerning sedimentation problem at Gays Mills, Wis. (folder includes correspondence, 1929)
  • “Benefits of Proposed River Cutoffs Determined by Model, Des Moines River” (anonymous, Engineering News – Record, 1929)
  • “Flow of Flood Water Over Railway and Highway Embankments” (D. Yarnell, Public Roads, 1930)
  • “Photographs of File Trestle Set-Ups in Hydraulic Laboratory, University of Iowa: Tests Made in 1930 by U.S. Bureau of Public Roads, in cooperation with State University of Iowa” (anonymous, unpublished photo notebook, 1930)
  • “Report of Hydraulic Tests on the Ramser Silt Apparatus” (anonymous, report of studies conducted at the Hydraulics Laboratory by Bureau of Public Roads, USDA, nice photographs, 1930–31)
  • “Laboratory Test on Hydraulic Model of Beartrap Dam, Ohio River Type” (anonymous, unpublished IIHR report, nice photographs, 1932)
  • “Diversion Tunnels for Cove Creek Dam, Clinch River” (anonymous, unpublished IIHR report, 1933)
  • “Bridge Piers as Channel Obstructions” (D. Yarnell, USDA Technical Bulletin #442, three copies, 1934)
  • “Pile Trestles as Channel Obstructions” (D. Yarnell, USDA Technical Bulletin #429, two copies, 1934)
  • “A Report on the Water Requirements of Rice Irrigation” (E.W. Lane, T.T. Cheng, C.L. Pien, The Journal of the Association of Chinese and American Engineers, 1939)

Box 2. Hydrology I, 1800s–1930s

  • Drainage Controversy Debate between B. Shimek and F. Nagler on the importance of draining Iowa wetlands and groundwater level changes (folder includes letter, newspaper clippings, data sheets, etc., 1926)

Streamflow, 1920s–30s

  • Flashiness of Iowa streams, (folder includes computations, raw data, and graphs, 1920s)
  • Comparative yield curves, Iowa streams (folder includes data and graphs, 1920s); “The Water Yield from Small Water Sheds in Iowa” (F. Nagler, Journal of the American Water Works Association, 1927)
  • Monthly yield, Iowa streams, (folder includes raw data, 1930s)
  • “Fundamental Hydrologic Considerations for the Design of Impounding Reservoirs in the Middle West” (E.L. Waterman, F.T. Mavis, and E. Soucek, paper presented at American Water Works Association Meeting, folder includes paper, background, and other information, 1935)

Precipitation, 1800s–1930s

  • Storms of 1–6-day duration data sheets, Miami Conservation District (folder includes numerous data summary sheets for varied Iowa locations, late 1800s–early 1900s)
  • Precipitation data sheets (folder includes numerous data summary sheets for various Iowa locations, from late 1800s–early 1900s); also “Precipitation Bibliography” (anonymous, unpublished report, undated)
  • Storm rainfall data sheets (folder includes data and charts for Iowa locations, early 1900s)
  • Rain gauge readings, data sheets (folder includes data summaries and raw data sheets for Iowa locations, 1920s)
  • Iowa City hydrologic data (folder includes evaporation and temperature data sheets, for Nagler’s research, 1927?)
  • “Rainfall Intensity Data” (D. Yarnell, USDA Miscellaneous Publication #202, 1935)

Box 3. Hydrology II, 1900–40

Drought, 1900–40

  • “The Drought of 1930 in Iowa” (F. Nagler, paper for Fourth Annual Iowa Waterworks Conference, folder includes paper and original figures, 1931)
  • “Some Observations on the Effect of Drought on Public Water Supplies in Iowa” (A. Wieters, paper presented at AWWA Conference, Omaha, Neb., folder includes report, data, and Iowa reservoir summaries, 1934)

Floods, 1900–40

  • “The August Cloud-Burst in Des Moines County” (M. Ricker, paper retyped from Proceedings, Iowa Academy of Science, very interesting flood article, 1898)
  • “Utilization of Surplus Flood Water to Suppress Backwater Upon Water Power Development” (F. Nagler, Transit, 1922)
  • “A Survey of Iowa Floods” (F. Nagler, Bulletin of Associated State Engineering Societies, 1928)
  • Floods at Des Moines, Waterloo, and western Iowa (folder includes reports, raw data and notes, and diagrams, early 1930s)
  • “Report on Iowa River Floods at Iowa City, and General Recommendations for Flood Control” (T. Mavis, unpublished report, 1933)
  • “Certain Flood-Flow Phenomena of Iowa Rivers” (F. Nagler, Monthly Weather Review, 1933)
  • “Summaries of Yearly and Flood Flow Relating to Iowa Streams, 1873–1940” (L.C. Crawford, Iowa Geological Survey with IIHR, Water – Supply Bulletin #1, 1942)
  • “Tables for Computation of Flow in Open Channels” (1944)
  • “Iowa Floods, Magnitude and Frequency” (H.H. Schwab, Iowa Highway Research Board Bulletin 1, 1953). Note: although not written by an IIHR researcher, this summary Iowa Flood bulletin was included in our archives because of the later importance of the Iowa Flood Center)

Iowa State Planning Board Project, 1934–36

  • Flood control studies and Iowa reservoir construction investigations; field surveys of Iowa reservoirs. Three folders:
  • Correspondence, newspaper clippings
  • Reports, proposals
  • IIHR data sheets on precipitation, floods
  • Discussions of Des Moines River Projects / Hydroelectric Plant / Dam (folder includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, 1934–35)

Box 4. Hydrology III, 1934–36

Iowa State Planning Board

  • “Water Resources of the State of Iowa: Water Supply and Flow, and Stream Pollution” (State Planning Board – multiple authors, including F.T. Mavis, unpublished report, 1934?)
  • “Progress Reports: Streamflow Studies; Rainfall and Flood Studies; Precipitation, Flood, and Reservoir Studies” (Multiple reports, State Planning Board – F.T. Mavis, unpublished reports, 1935–36)
  • “Iowa Precipitation Studies” (State Planning Board – F.T. Mavis, unpublished report, 1935)
  • State Planning Board Project. Four folders, including:
  • Invoices, financial statements, and salary and time records
  • “Conservation and Planning” (D. Darling, speech manuscript, 1936)
  • Meeting minutes
  • Planning Board Progress Reports, newsletters, and descriptions

Box 5. Water Power Studies I, 1900–33

  • Water wheel and turbine photographs of Allis-Chalmers products (and power plants where they are installed, early 1900s)
  • Papers on hydraulic turbines. Folder includes:
    • “Water Turbine Types” (rough handwritten notes and equations, undated)
    • “Hydraulic Turbines” (anonymous unpublished report, undated)
    • “Hydraulic Characteristics of the Old and New Turbines at the UI Hydro-Electric Plant” (R.E. Hutchins, Transit, 1916)
    • Four miscellaneous turbine photos
  • Iowa Water Power surveys and data. Folder includes:
    • Water Power Survey for Iowa (1880)
    • Iowa Water Power Survey Sheets (1926)
    • Iowa Water Power Summaries (into 1930s)
    • Miscellaneous related materials
  • “Report on Muscatine, Proposed Hydro-Electric Development” (anonymous unpublished report [not IIHR report], 1911)
  • Water power output in Iowa, correspondence and data by F. Nagler (1920s)
  • Water turbines and miscellaneous water power papers (1920s). Folder includes:
    • Miscellaneous photos, fliers, and sketches
    • Miscellaneous datasets and correspondence
    • Handwritten notes on power plants by F. Nagler
  • “The Passing of the Old Water Mills in Iowa” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, undated; includes nice photos and supplementary materials); duplicate copy in black bound notebook on shelf
  • “Discussion on the American Mixed – Flow Turbine” (F. Nagler, unnamed journal, undated)
  • “Will Water Waste of Work?” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1926)
  • Folder includes two papers:
    • “The Water Power of Iowa” (F. Nagler, U of I Extension Bulletin, 1927)
    • “Water Power Development in Iowa” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1931)
    • Third World Power Conference, held in Washington, D.C. (folder includes correspondence, conference information, 1936)
    • “Report on the Installation of Additional Water Wheels in the Hydro-Electric Plant of the State University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1923, folder includes report, calculations, data, correspondence, blueprints, and ongoing discussions of this topic through 1935)

Box 6. Water Power Studies II, 1920s

  • “Results of [Coralville] Water Turbine Efficiency Test Made at State University of Iowa” (F. Nagler and students, unpublished report, 1923. Folder includes report, correspondence, data, and blueprints)
  • “Report on Available Power Output, Oakland Mills Development, Skunk River, Iowa” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1924. Folder includes report, correspondence, data, and graphs)
  • “Memorandum on Value of Water Power on North Raccoon River at Adel, Iowa, 1913 vs.1925” (F. Nagler, unpublished memorandum, 1925. Folder includes memorandum and data)
  • “Report on Efficiency Tests upon the Hydraulic Turbine in Hydraulic Plant, Manchester, Iowa” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1926. Folder includes beautifully bound report with original photographs)
  • “Iowa Falls Power Report” (F. Nagler, preliminary unpublished report, 1927. Folder includes report, correspondence, and data)
  • “Memorandum upon the Effect of Water Power Plant Operation on the Des Moines River below Fort Dodge upon the Water Supply for the town of Boone and the Steam-Electric Plant at Fraser” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1927. Folder includes report, blueprints, correspondence, and data)
  • “Memorandum, Alden Water Power Development” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1927. Folder includes report, correspondence, data, sketches, and original photographs)
  • “Report on the Effect of Permanently Raising the Crest of the Dam of the N.E.I. Power Co. upon the Storm Sewer and Lands with in the Town of Greene, Iowa” (S. Woodward and F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1927. Folder includes reports, correspondence, data, and computations)
  • Methods of making salt velocity measurements (F. Nagler, 1928, folder includes correspondence on this topic)
  • “Report on the Yield of the Henderson River, Illinois” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1929. Folder includes report, graphs, and data)
  • “Inspection and Tests of Motors at Carthage Lake Pumping Plant, Henderson City, Illinois” (F. Nagler and E. Kurtz, unpublished report, 1929–30. Folder includes report and correspondence)

Box 7. Water Power Studies III, 1920s–33

  • “Memorandum on Application of City of Ottumwa … for Permit to Construct and Operate the Dam and Hydraulic Plant …” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1929. Folder includes memorandum, calculations, estimates, bids, blueprints, and correspondence)
  • “Report on Water Power of Cedar River Below Cedar Rapids, Iowa” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1930. Folder includes report, correspondence, data, and sketches)
  • “Report on the Effect of the Operation of the Hydraulic Plant at Delhi on the Water Power Plants of the Iowa Electric Company” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1930. Folder includes report, notebook of original photographs, and data)
  • “A Report on Field Inspection of Hydro Plants of the Sterling Hydraulic Company at Sterling, Illinois” (comments by F. Nagler, 1930–31. Folder includes field inspection report, data, correspondence, and Sterling Hydraulic Company bylaws)
  • Efficiency tests of Lebanon hydroelectric plant turbine, consulting job performed by F. Nagler (1931, folder includes correspondence and data)
  • “Report on a Des Moines River Hydro-Electric Development between Keosauqua and Belfast, Iowa” (Ralph Jackson, unpublished report, 1932; report to F. Nagler. Folder includes report and data)
  • “Memorandum on Water Power on Campbell’s Island” (F. Nagler, unpublished memorandum, 1932. Folder includes memorandum, notes, and correspondence)
  • “Memorandum on Amana Head Race Overflow-Spillway” and “Memorandum on Recommendations for Amana Water Power Plant and Electrification of Mills” (F. Nagler, unpublished memorandums, 1923. Folder includes correspondence, two reports, and blueprints)
  • “Valuation of Water Power on Iowa Rives at Amana and Middle Amana, Iowa” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1932. Folder includes report, correspondence, and notes)
  • Recommendations for solving silt problems in Amana power canal (F. Nagler, 1933. Folder includes Nagler’s correspondence, data, and sketch)

Box 8. Hydraulic Jump Studies, 1920s

  • Data, computations, sketches, etc., related to hydraulic jump experiments, mostly unprocessed and handwritten (early 1920s or undated). None of the data seem to have been incorporated into reports. Sixteen folders, including:
    • Calculations, sketches, blueprints, and miscellaneous (early 1920s)
    • Backwater computations, probably from Ottumwa (undated)
    • Gauge evaluations and data (undated)
    • Gauge readings and computations for slot model (undated)
    • Curve studies, efficiency, normal head, etc. (undated)
    • Computations for slot model (undated)
    • Pitot tube measurements (undated)
    • Velocity distribution data, blueprints, and sketches (1922)
    • “Place model” data, computations, summary, and velocity studies (1922)
    • Solution by Fargo empirical formula and data sheets (1922–23)
    • “Diagonal crest models” data and computation sheets (1922)
    • “Diagonal crest models” computation summaries (1922)
    • Experimental data (1922)
    • Experimental data (1921–24)
    • Moving hydraulic jump data (1925)
    • Data, graphs, Tumble Bay experiments, and Maquoketa Dam (1926–27)

Box 9. Culvert / Pipe Studies I, 1922–39

  • Miscellaneous information on culvert tests and research (1923–29). Folder includes:
    • Correspondence
    • Nagler’s application and negotiations for a patent on corrugated pipe
    • “Memorandum Regarding a New Type of Corrugation for Metal-Sheets Used in Manufacture of Pipes and Flumes” (anonymous, unpublished memorandum, undated)
    • “Memorandum on the Hydraulics and Strength of Unsymmetrical Corrugated Pipe” (anonymous, unpublished memorandum, undated)
  • “Report on the Capacity of Vitrified Clay Tile Culverts with Joints and Sections Displaced” (anonymous, unpublished IIHR report, undated. Folder includes original photographs)
  • “Photographs Taken on Investigation of Flow of Water Through Vitrified Clay and Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe” (anonymous, unpublished notebook with original photographs, conducted by Bureau of Public Roads at the Hydraulic Laboratory, 1922)
  • “The Flow of Water through Short Conduits” (D. Yarnell, Iowa Engineering Society annual meeting, 1925)
  • “The Flow of Water Through Concrete, Vitrified Clay, and Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe” (F. Nagler, D. Yarnell, and S. Woodward; massive original IIHR report for the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, Bureau of Public Roads, 1923)

Box 10. Culvert / Pipe Studies II, 1922–39

  • “Photographs of Box Culvert Studies” (anonymous unpublished IIHR notebook of original photographs, 1924. Includes excellent photos, many quite interesting with workers in them and photos of 1924 Iowa River flood)
  • “Iowa Hydraulic Research on Highway Culvert Capacities” (anonymous unpublished report, undated)
  • “The Flow of Water through Vitrified Clay and Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe” (anonymous, Good Roads Journal of Highway Engineering and Transportation, 1923); folder also includes preliminary report (undated) with the same title, and memorandum and other versions of same report (all 1923)
  • Correspondence regarding tests on culvert pipes, to/from F. Nagler (1923)
  • Armaco Alignment Tests – notebook of original photographs (1923)
  • “A Report on the Flow of Water through Rectangular Notches” (anonymous unpublished IIHR report, 1931. Report includes original photographs)
  • Nagler’s collection of background papers on the flow of water in pipes. Folder includes (in addition to other papers): “Thesis Extracts, Investigation of Pressure and Velocity Distribution in a Conduit” (J.C. Ducommun, unpublished report of work involving Hydraulics Laboratory with original photographs, 1928)
  • Various papers regarding IIHR’s tests of creosoted wood culverts. Folder includes:
    • “Report on Tests on the Discharging Capacity of Creosoted Wooden Culverts Manufactured by the Alerta Wood Preserving Company” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1927)
    • “Report on Test of New Creosoted Wood Box Culvert Size 2′ x 2′ x 32.5′ ” (F.T. Mavis, unpublished report, 1934)
    • “Capacity of Creosoted Wood Culverts Investigated by Laboratory Tests” (F.T. Mavis, unpublished report, 1934)
    • Various sketches, research data sheets, correspondence, graphs, and photograph negatives
  • Folder includes two papers:
    • “Flow of Water Around Bends in Pipes” (D. Yarnell and F. Nagler, ASCE Transactions paper #1914, 1935)
    • “Flow of Water Through Six-Inch Pipe Bends” (D. Yarnell, USDA Technical Bulletin 577, 1937)
  • “The Hydraulics of Culverts” (A.R. Luecker, MS thesis completed at IIHR and the University of Iowa, 1939)

Box 11. Current Meters, Weir Measurements, 1920–39

Current Meters:

  • “Measurement of Stream Flow” (anonymous outline of ideas, undated)
  • Rating tables and correspondence for current meter experiments (1933)
  • “Notes on Small Current Meters, Presenting Results of Experience with One-Inch Propeller-Type Meters Developed by the Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army” (War Department, unpublished report of tests performed at IIHR, 1936)
  • “Effect of Turbulence on the Registration of Current Meters” (D. Yarnell and F. Nagler, ASCE Transactions 95, Paper #1778, 1931)

Weir Measurements:

  • Variety of papers (mostly handwritten sheets of data) dealing with measurement of water by weirs. Seven folders, containing papers on:
    • Velocity distribution below dam (1920–22), and pitot tube measurement downcrest of dam (1921)
    • Velocity distribution above weir and dam (1922)
    • Weir calibration (1922)
    • Elevations, level notes (1921–22)
    • Weir tables, hydraulic jump tables (1922–24)
    • Circular weir tests (1936–37)
    • Blueprint of hollow crest weir
  • Miscellaneous weir articles. Folder includes:
  • “Memorandum with regard to Sharp Crested Measuring Weir at UI Hydraulic Lab” (F. Nagler, unpublished memorandum, 1939)
  • “Discussion by Floyd A. Nagler of Paper on Precise Weir Experiments” (E.W. Schoder and K.B. Turner, unpublished report, undated)
  • “Translation of Bazin’s Fourth Weir Article” and “Translation of Bazin’s Sixth Weir Article” (F. Nagler, handwritten translation, undated)
  • “Inauguration of the Monument Raised at Dijon by International Subscription to Henri Bazin” (anonymous, unpublished report, undated)
  • “Sutro Weir Investigation Furnish Discharge Coefficients” (E. Soucek, H.E. Howe, and F.T. Mavis, Engineering News Record, 1936. Folder includes article, notes, calculations, and sketches)

Box 12. Mississippi River Basin I — Keokuk Spillway / Dam, 1920s

  • Reports dealing with Keokuk spillway tests. Folder includes:
    • “Progress Report: Publication of Mississippi River Flow Records, Mississippi River Power Co., Keokuk, Iowa” (anonymous, unpublished report, 1924)
    • “Experiments on Discharge over Spillways and Models, Keokuk Dam” (F. Nagler and A. Davis, ASCE Transactions 94, 1930)
    • Typed field notes
  • Publications and information written by non-IIHR researchers on spillways in other locations
  • Miscellaneous unpublished information addressing Keokuk spillway tests. Four folders, containing:
    • Blueprints, drawings, and data sheets (1924)
    • Miscellaneous data and computations sheets, data on nappe measurements (1925)
    • Data and computations (1924)
    • Correspondence dealing with rating of spillways (1923–27) and model tests (1925)
      NOTE: A large set of photos of these experiments (1924) is included in IIHR’s Photo Archives.

Box 13. Mississippi River Basin II — Keokuk Spillway / Dam, and Other, 1923–34

  • Miscellaneous correspondence and inspection trips re. Keokuk Dam. Two folders:
    • 1923–29
    • 1926–32
  • “Experiments Pertaining to the Discharge through the Spillways of the Keokuk Dam; Figures to Accompany Experiments …” (F. Nagler and A. Davis, two unpublished reports – text and figures, 1928; figures are excellent large photographs of Keokuk spillway and research there)
  • “Laboratory Tests on Hydraulic Model of Mississippi River at Keokuk to Determine Backwater Effect on Wing Dams” (anonymous unpublished report, 1934; report includes original photographs)
  • Carman District Drainage, Henderson County, Illinois (Keokuk Dam) Consulting project conducted for Mississippi River Power Company (1930–36). Folder includes:
    • “Report on the Carman District Drainage” (A. Davis, unpublished report, 1930)
    • “Carman District Backwater Cases” (F. Nagler, unpublished memorandum, 1930)
    • “Carman District Drainage” (F.T. Mavis, unpublished memorandum, 1934)
    • “Report on Laboratory Studies of Ground Water Profiles, Series II” (J.W. Howe, unpublished report, 1935)
    • Miscellaneous correspondence, inspection reports, sketches, photos, blueprints, and court papers
  • Folder includes two papers:
    • “The Mississippi River Flood” (S. Woodward, Transit, 1927)
    • “Forecasting Flow of the Mississippi at Keokuk, Iowa” (J. Howe, Transit, 1927)
  • “Forests and Floods” (F. Nagler, unpublished report, 1927)
  • “Flood Control with Special Reference to the Mississippi River: A Symposium” (multiple authors, ASCE Transactions #1709, 1929; includes paper by Woodward and Nagler, “Effect of Agricultural Drainage upon Flood Run”)
  • “Stream Investigations on Mississippi River Tributaries Upper Mississippi Basin Watershed” (C. Rantzow, Transit, 1929)
  • S. Army Corps of Engineers research, Upper Mississippi Basin watershed, Nagler’s correspondence and hydrologic contour maps and data (1929–31)
  • Nine-Foot Channel for Upper Mississippi River, press release/brochure

Box 14. Iowa State Parks Consultation Activities, 1926–38 (primarily 1933)

[NOTE: Floyd Nagler and his colleagues consulted extensively with the Iowa Fish and Game Commission and Board of Conservation (now Iowa Department of Natural Resources) regarding the establishment of Iowa’s state park system in the 1930s. Nagler performed many of the initial and crucial surveys regarding location and construction of the dams and artificial lakes around which the state parks were sited. This box contains Nagler’s data and plans for these parks.]

  • Iowa Conservation Board and related miscellaneous data and correspondence, to / from F. Nagler (1931–33)
  • “Report on Northwestern Iowa Lakes” (F. Nagler, unpublished report to the Iowa Legislature, 1932)
  • Correspondence, data, plans, and blueprints for various proposed state parks. Thirteen folders, considering:
    • Miscellaneous parks, development sketches
    • Backbone Park / Lake (1933; correspondence, data)
    • Elbert State Park (1930; report, correspondence, and blueprint)
    • Keosauqua State Park / Lake (1933; correspondence, data)
    • Lake Keomah – Oskaloosa (1933; correspondence, data)
    • Lake Macbride State Park (1933 correspondence, plans, data; 1938 silt studies by Lane)
    • Pammel State Park / Lake — Winterset (1933; correspondence, data)
    • Pine Creek State Park – Eldora (1933; blueprints, correspondence, data)
    • Springbrook Lake – Guthrie County (1933; plans, blueprints, data)
    • Swan Lake State Park – Carroll County (1934; correspondence, data)
    • Warren County Lake / Park (1933; correspondence)
    • Washington County Lake / Park (1933; correspondence, sketch)
    • Lake Manawa – Council Bluffs – Improvement (1926–32; report, blueprints, correspondence)

Box 15. Plumbing Research, Sediment Research, 1937–42

Plumbing Research:

  • “Safety Devices on Domestic Hot Water Supply Systems” (F.M. Dawson and A.A. Laomsle, Plumbing and Heating Business, undated)
  • “Report on Hydraulics and Pneumatics of the Plumbing Drainage System” (F.M. Dawson and A. Kalinske, National Master Plumbers Association Technical Bulletin #2, 1939)
  • “The National Plumbing Laboratory” (F. Dawson, American Journal of Public Health, 1940)
  • “Water-Hammer and Other Noises in Water Piping Systems” (F. Dawson and A. Kalinske, Plumbing and Heating Business, 1941)
  • “Sanitation Please” (T. Farrell, Plumbing and Heating Business, 1941)
  • “Hydraulics of Vertical Drain and Overflow Pipes” (F. Dawson and A. Kalinske, Plumbing and Heating Business, 1942)
  • “The Removal of Air from Pipeline by Flowing Water” (P.H. Bliss, unpublished IIHR report, 1942)

Sediment Research:

  • Miscellaneous correspondence, non-IIHR papers on soil erosion
  • Information on the Soil Conservation Service (1936–37)
  • “Report of Suspended Material Studies on Mississippi River at Muscatine, Iowa” (E. Lane and A. Kalinske, unpublished IIHR report, undated)
  • “A Study of Sedimentation in a Miami Conservancy District Reservoir” (E. Lane and J. Kennedy, unpublished report, undated)
  • “The Behavior of Soil Materials in Water Retaining Structures” (E. Lane, Soil Science Society of America Proceedings, 1937)
  • “Investigation of Sediment Carried by the Middle Mississippi River at Chester, Illinois” (E.W. Lane, and J.C. Kennedy, unpublished report, undated)
  • “Study of Bed and Suspended Sediment in Mississippi River, Rock Island U.S. Engineer District” (E. Lane and J. Kennedy, unpublished report, 1938)
  • “Investigation of Sediment Carried by Rivers of St. Paul U.S. Engineering District, 1937 and 1938” (E.W. Lane, unpublished report, 1938)
  • “Investigation of the Effects of Soil Cohesion and Sediment Transportation on Channel Stability” (Pang-Yung, unpublished IIHR report for China Foundation, 1941)

Box 16. Fish Passage Studies, 1930s–40s

  • Letter from Floyd Nagler to Jacob Crane, Iowa Conservation Plan, proposing construction of fish bypass systems on Iowa rivers (1932)
  • Miscellaneous correspondence from E.W. Lane and McLeod, with associated paperwork (1930s–1940s)
  • “Investigation of Fishways Conducted at the IIHR,” with associated photos, diagrams, and correspondence (1939)
  • Palisades-Kepler State Park fishways report, correspondence, and diagrams (1939–40)
  • Bulletin 24: “An Investigation of Fish Ways,” (McLeod and Nemenyi, 1939–40)
  • Bulletin 23: “An Annotated Bibliography of Fishways and Additional (Nemenyi, 1941)
  • “Annotated Bibliography on Fishways and Additional Bibliography of both English and Foreign Articles” (Soucek, typed paper, 1938)