Hunter Rouse and others in front of a bus

Hunter Rouse, 1906–96

Hunter Rouse served as director of IIHR from 1944–66. During this time, he was instrumental in strengthening IIHR’s fundamental research emphasis and in developing teaching programs for hydraulic engineers. Through his writings, research, and global travels, he established IIHR as an internationally acclaimed, innovative research and teaching laboratory.

This record group consists of eight boxes of materials on Rouse, numbered separately within each category: one of biographical materials, three of correspondence, and four of Rouse’s publications and reports. Some overlap may exist among groups. For example, some publication information and articles, as well as some correspondence, may be in Rouse’s “Biographical Materials” box. Also, on the shelf next to the Rouse archive boxes is a binder with Rouse’s 1940s course notes on his teaching of the course Elementary Mechanics of Fluids.

Additional Rouse materials may be found in any of the other record groups dating from his period of tenure as IIHR director. More Rouse publications might be found in “Publications and Reports” and “Grants and Contracts,” as well as in IIHR’s reprint files, collections of bulletins and technical reports, and the like. See other record sets in IIHR’s collection, such as “Hydraulics Conferences” and “IIHR Book Publications” for materials on some of Rouse’s books. The IIHR Photo Archives contain numerous photographs of Rouse and his research efforts. IIHR’s Oversized Archives also contain original graphics for Rouse’s books and other publications.

Rouse’s employment and payroll forms were removed from this archive in 2004 because of privacy concerns.

The UI’s Special Collections (in the Main Library) has archived additional Rouse materials.

Box 1. Biographical Materials

  • Original copy, Rouse’s PhD dissertation
  • Summary of Rouse papers that are archived in Special Collections, UI Main Library
  • Biographies / biographical summaries (Who’s Who articles, etc.) on Rouse
  • Death (1996)
  • Miscellaneous information and letters
  • Awards / recognition / award certificates
  • Rouse as dean of University of Iowa College of Engineering, including articles, alumni letters, etc., that he wrote during this time
  • Various newspaper clippings
  • 1974 trip to People’s Republic of China
  • “Exchange Visit of U.S. Hydraulic Laboratory Directors to U.S.S.R., September 1961” (J. Tiffany, COE Waterways Experiment Station Report, 1961) – discusses Rouse’s 1961 trip to Soviet Union
  • Death of Rouse’s wife Dorothee (Doi) Rouse (Jan. 14, 2011)

Box 1. Correspondence: With Universities, Government Agencies, 1952–63

[NOTE: There may be some Rouse letters in the “IIHR Grants and Contracts” and “IIHR Administration and Miscellaneous” record groups for the Rouse years, as well as in other boxes within the Rouse archives.]

  • Mixed letters from post–retirement years (1977–93)
  • With Colorado State University (1955–58)
  • With Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Two folders:
    • 1955–58
    • 1959–61
  • With the University of California (1955–56)
  • With Pennsylvania State College (1955–58)
  • With the University of Michigan (1955–58)
  • With the California Institute of Technology (1955–58)
  • With the Waterways Experiment Station, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (1959–61)
  • With the Department of the Navy, Bureau of Ships (1952–60; correspondence with H.E. Sanders)
  • With miscellaneous government agencies. Three folders:
    • 1959
    • 1960–61
    • 1962–1963

Box 2. Correspondence: Within the University of Iowa, 1961–96 and Professional Societies (ASME, ASCE), 1948–64

  • Internal correspondence at the University of Iowa (1961–96); letters by, to, and about H. Rouse
  • With American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME, 1948–56)
  • With the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Two folders:
    • 1958–62
    • 1957–64
  • With ASCE regarding the J. Waldo Smith Hydraulic Fellowship Committee (1953–56)
  • With ASCE, regarding the Karman Award Fund (1959–60)

Box 3. Correspondence: With Miscellaneous Groups, 1943–67

  • Regarding the University of Iowa Graduate Council Meetings (minutes, agendas) (1957–59)
  • Regarding the UI Library Committee (minutes, letters) (1954–57)
  • With Thompson Products Inc. (1943)
  • Regarding the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, Council on Economic Growth, Technology, and Public Policy (letters, agendas, minutes, and reports). Four folders:
    • 1966
    • 1967
    • 1967
    • 1967–68
  • Regarding the Ninth International Congress for Applied Mechanics (1956–58). Includes copy of Rouse’s presentation, “Diffusion in the Lee of a Two-Dimensional Jet”

Box 1. Publications and Reports, 1927–53

  • “Classification of the Hydraulic Engineering Fluid” (Rouse, unpublished IIHR report, undated)
  • Collection of various unpublished reports written by Rouse (1931–73)
  • “When Reggie’s on my Knee” (Rouse, unpublished paper written while a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Jan. 11, 1927, original copy)
  • “A Puppet-Master Muses” (Rouse, unpublished paper written while a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June 4, 1927, original copy)
  • “Distribution of Hydraulic Energy in Weir Flow with Relation to Spillway Design” (Rouse’s MS thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1932, original copy)
  • “Verteilung der Hydraulischen Energie bei Einem Lotrechten Absturz” (Rouse, German translation of MS thesis, 1933)
  • “Discharge Characteristics of the Free Over Fall” (Rouse, Civil Engineering, 1936)
  • “Great German Hydraulic Laboratory” (Rouse, Civil Engineering, 1931)
  • “Experiments of the Mechanics of Sediment Suspension” (Rouse, Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress of Applied Mechanics, 1938)
  • “Laws of Transportation of Sediment by Streams: Suspended Load” (Rouse, unpublished report, 1939)
  • “An Analysis of Sediment Transportation in the Light of Fluid Turbulence” (Rouse, USDA Sedimentation Division Report SCS-TP-25, July 1939)
  • “Wind-Tunnel Classifier for Sand and Silt” (Rouse, Civil Engineering, July 1939)
  • “Cavitation Tests on a Systematic Series of Torpedo Heads: Hemispherical Head” (Rouse, J.S. McNown, and E.Y. Hsu; unpublished IIHR report prepared for National Defense Research Council, Feb. 28, 1945)
  • “Report on Developments in Hydromechanics at Various European Research Laboratories, and the Fluid Mechanics Sessions of the Sixth International Congress for Applied Mechanics” (Rouse, unpublished IIHR report, Nov. 1, 1946)
  • “Gravitational Diffusion from a Boundary Source in Two-Dimensional Flow” (Rouse, Journal of Applied Mechanics, 14(3), 1947; original conference paper)
  • “Cavitation of Submerged Jets” (Rouse, unpublished IIHR report prepared for the Office of Naval Research, 1950)
  • “Air-Tunnel Studies of Diffusion in Urban Areas” (Rouse, Meteorological Monographs, 1(4), 1951)
  • “Cavitation in the Mixing Zone of a Submerged Jet” (Rouse, unpublished report for Eighth International Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Istanbul, 1952)
  • “Notes on 1952–53 Visits to European Laboratories” (Rouse, unpublished IIHR report for ONR, 1953)
  • “On the Use of Dimensionless Numbers” (Rouse, Civil Engineering, November 1934)

Box 2. Publications and Reports: 1954–94

  • Advanced Mechanics of Fluids – book publication information (1954–57)
  • “Les Echanges Internationaux de Personnes” (Rouse, Extrait des Annales de I’Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble, 1955)
  • “Characteristics of Flow over Terminal Weirs and Sills” (Rouse and P.K. Kandaswamy, ASCE Journal of the Hydraulics Division, 1957)
  • “Stability of Stratified Flow” (Rouse, unpublished IIHR report for Office of Ordnance Research, 1957)
  • “Repartition de l’Energie dans des Zones de Decollement” (Rouse thesis, La Houille Blanche, 1959)
  • Mechanics of Fluids film series (scripts and miscellaneous paperwork, early 1960s); 2002 Engineering Education Annual Conference paper on modern use of these films
  • “Distribution of Energy in Regions of Separation” (Rouse, La Houille Blanche, 1960)
  • “Interfacial Mixing in Stratified Flow” (Rouse and E.O. Macagno, ASCE Journal of the Engineering Mechanics Division, 1961)
  • “Energy Transformation in Zones of Separation” (Rouse, published script of general lecture made at International Association for Hydraulic Research, Yugoslavia, 1961)
  • “On the Role of Eddies in Fluid Motion” (Rouse, American Scientist, 51(3), 1963)
  • “Memoir of Francis Murray Dawson, 1889–1963” (Rouse, submitted to ASCE Transactions, 1963)
  • “Critical Analysis of Open-Channel Resistance” (Rouse, unpublished IIHR report, 1965)
  • “On a Matter of Latitude in Pronunciation” (Rouse, La Houille Blanche, 20 (6), 1965)
  • “Jet Diffusion and Cavitation” (Rouse, Journal of Boston Society of Civil Engineers, 53(3), 1966)
  • Folder includes two articles:
    • “The Bernoulli Theorem” (Rouse, Journal of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, 68 (562), 1965)
    • “What Makes an Engineer?” (Rouse, Iowa Transit, 1966)
  • “German-American Observations on Educational Reform” (Rouse with E. Naudascher, Journal of Engineering Education, 57(1), 1966; folder also includes German and Japanese published translations)
  • “On the Use of Models in Fluids Research” (Rouse and E.O. Macagno, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Hemorheology, 1968)
  • “Teaching and Research” (Rouse, Engineering Education, 1968)
  • “Engineering Education in the Mechanics of Fluids” (Rouse, La Houille Blanche, 33(1), 1968)
  • “A Review of My Term as Dean” (Rouse, unpublished internal College of Engineering report, 1971)
  • “Impressions of the People’s Republic of China – China, a New Land” (Rouse, Mechanical Engineering, 1975)
  • “Organization and Management of Institute Research” (Rouse, Technos, 1976)
  • “Hydraulics’ Latest Golden Age” (Rouse, Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 8, 1976)
  • “German and French Engineering Education Then and Now” (Rouse, European Journal of Engineering Education, 1978)
  • “Hydraulic Structures and/or the Environment?” (Rouse, CRC Critical Reviews in Environmental Control, 1980)
  • Folder includes two publications:
    • Hydraulics, Fluid Mechanics, and Hydrology at Colorado State University (Rouse, ed., CSU’s Engineering Research Center, 1980)
    • “A Summer Course [at CSU] in the Mechanics of Fluids” (Rouse, unpublished paper, undated)
  • “Review of Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics by Alan Prasuhn” (Rouse, Journal de Recherches Hydrauliques, 19, 1981)
  • “The Maury Albertson Story” (Rouse, unpublished paper, written 1980s)
  • “Noteworthy Hydraulics Papers from America’s Past” (Rouse, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 110(11), 1984)
  • “The Origins of Fluid Mechanics” (Rouse, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 113(1), 1987)
  • “Recollections of Hydraulics at MIT” (Rouse, MIT’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Newsletter, 8(4), 1994)

Box 3. Publications and Reports: Selected Writings I and II, 1971, 1991

[NOTE: Selected Writings I (1971) and Selected Writings II (1991) are two book-sized compilations of Rouse’s personal and professional writings, both published by IIHR.]

  • Original copies of papers included in Selected Writings I
  • Correspondence, publication information, and some original articles from Selected Writings II
  • Pasted-up copy of Selected Writings II

Box 4. Publications and Reports: Books on the History of Hydraulics 1957, 1976

[NOTE: These files deal with the two books that Rouse wrote on the history of hydraulics: History of Hydraulics (with Ince, 1957) and Hydraulics in the United States (1976).]

  • History of Hydraulics. Two folders:
  • Spanish translation of the book manuscript
  • Miscellaneous correspondence, publication in La Houille Blanche (1954), and summary of book published in the UI’s Books at Iowa bulletin (1983)
  • Hydraulics in the United States. Seven folders:
  • Correspondence about book’s publication and the Freeman hydraulics prize, which it received
  • Book reviews and summary published in the Journal of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section, ASCE (1976)
  • Miscellaneous background materials
  • Correspondence and background materials. Four folders:
    • I (1972–75)
    • II (8/75–11/75)
    • III (11/75–2/76)
    • IV (1/76–5/76)