Marlene Janssen poses in front of a bookshelf

IIHR Books

IIHR has a long tradition of fostering publications, including books both on the history of hydraulics and on technical matters. Some of these books have been written and published by IIHR staff members. Others are republications of significant books written elsewhere that had gone out of print. Many of these books are sold through IIHR’s website.

This record group consists of two boxes dealing with more than a dozen books published by IIHR. Folders include information on publication matters, including copyrights, estimates, correspondence, reviews, and contracts – but nothing on preparation of the books or their contents in most cases. However, this record set includes a full set of research and manuscript papers for Flowing Through Time by C. Mutel, which focuses on IIHR’s history. Mutel wrote three additional books with partial or full support from IIHR: The Emerald Horizon: The History of Nature in Iowa (2008); A Watershed Year: Anatomy of the Iowa Floods of 2008 (2010); and A Sugar Creek Chronicle: Observing Climate Change from a Midwestern Woodland (2016), all published by the University of Iowa Press. Papers for these books remain in Mutel’s personal archives, to be deposited at the University of Iowa’s archives.

Box 1. Miscellaneous Books, 1950–1990s

  • Engineering Hydraulics, by H. Rouse, and other Rouse books (1950–88, John Wiley and Sons correspondence)
  • Hydraulics in the United States, by H. Rouse (1976–83) (Note: See also H. Rouse – Publications & Reports, Box 4, and Correspondence Files)
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Computations on Small Programmable Calculators by T.E. Croley II (1977–82)
  • Cavitation, by R.J. Knapp, J.W. Daily, and F.C. Hammitt (1971–84)
  • Engineering Hydraulics, H. Rouse, editor (discussions re: Dover reprinting of the book, 1987–93; see also Hydraulics Conferences record group on this book, and earlier folder in this record group)
  • Synthetic Hydrograph Computations on Small Programmable Calculators, by T.E. Croley II (1980)
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics Software, by T.E. Croley II (1977–85)
  • Estuary and Coastline Hydrodynamics, by A.T. Ippen (1982–83)
  • Finite Analytic Method, by C.J. Chen (1983, 1989)
  • Historic Writings on Hydraulics, by H. Rouse (1984) (Note: See also “H. Rouse Publications and Reports, Box 4”)
  • Practical Aspects of Computational River Hydraulics, by J.A. Cunge, F.M. Holly, and A. Verwey (1986, 1994)
  • Selected Writings of Hunter Rouse II by H. Rouse (1992–93) (Note: See also “H. Rouse, Box 3” and the Rouse correspondence files. The latter contains much correspondence and files of photos and articles used in this book)
  • Miscellaneous book-related correspondence and information (1976–96)

Box 2. Flowing Through Time (by Cornelia Mutel, 1998)

  • Annotated manuscript, original copy as it was submitted for publication, before copyediting was completed. Includes all source references for information in the book
  • Rouse chapters: Mutel’s research notes and information
  • Nagler section: Mutel’s research notes and information
  • Mutel’s miscellaneous research notes and information
  • Mutel’s two research notebooks
  • Book publicity, reviews, and post-publication correspondence