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Stern Wins NATO Award

Posted on May 7th, 2012
IIHR Research Engineer Fred Stern.

IIHR Research Engineer Fred Stern.

IIHR Research Engineer Fred Stern is a key member of a group that was recently presented with NATO’s highest research group award. The NATO Research and Technology Organization (RTO) Scientific Achievement Award went to the Applied Vehicle Technology (AVT) group, AVT-161. The group focuses on “Assessment of Stability and Control Prediction Methods for NATO Air and Sea Vehicles.” Stern is co-chair of the Sea Team.

NATO RTA Director Major General Albert Husniaux made the announcement at the AVT Panel Business Week meeting in March. A formal award presentation will occur in the fall.

Stern says this award highlights the outstanding work being done by the entire group. “Many, many people have worked tireless to advance AVT-161’s research mission of advancing the technology of these vehicles.” CFDShip-Iowa, developed by researchers at IIHR, was used for all the test cases.

An impact statement released by NATO stated that, “AVT-161 is a shining example of the mission of RTO to conduct co-operative research and information exchange, and also exemplifies the mission of AVT to improve the performance, affordability, and safety of vehicles through the advancement of technology.”

The statement continues, “AVT-161 has produced a truly significant scientific contribution to the NATO knowledge base, with a direct measureable impact on defense vehicles, with an unprecedented level of international collaboration.”

AVT-161 includes 46 researchers and scientists from 14 NATO nations. The group has produced a comprehensive package of experimental and analytical data for both air and sea vehicles, indirectly and directly supporting the efforts of NATO military fighters in the field. In the four years of its existence, AVT-161 has produced 13 journal articles and 33 conference papers.

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