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IIHR Currents: Focusing on Sustainability

Posted on February 5th, 2014
IIHR Currents 2013-14.

IIHR Currents 2013-14 features cover art by Des Moines Register artist Mark Marturello.

The new issue of IIHR Currents is coming soon to your mailbox! This issue focuses on water sustainability and IIHR’s new faculty affiliates from the Water Sustainability Initiative. These nine new researchers bring fresh ideas and new focus areas, all in support of an issue that affects us all — water sustainability.

IIHR Currents tells the fascinating stories of the institute’s cutting-edge research and innovative people. We started in 2010 with the idea of an annual report, which ultimately evolved into a magazine and a financial report. With these stories, we want to convey the excitement surrounding the research at IIHR, and its relevance to every one of us who drinks or uses water.

IIHR is one of the world’s leading hydraulic engineering research institutes and is well-known and respected internationally. Currents is designed to present stories in a compelling way to raise awareness of the institute and its work, while also encouraging student enrollment, developing new and enhanced sources of research funding, and bolstering the reputation of the institute.

To request a copy, send us an email, or check out the online version.

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