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Weber Honored for Faculty Excellence, Conservation

Posted on May 16th, 2014
IIHR Director Larry Weber

IIHR Director Larry Weber

IIHR Director Larry Weber is one of six University of Iowa faculty selected to receive the 2014 Regents Award for Faculty Excellence. Weber is also the Edwin B. Green Chair in Hydraulics in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the College of Engineering. His leadership of the world-renowned IIHR has advanced the institute to even greater prominence, almost doubling its number of graduate students and tripling its grant- and contract-supported research.

Weber has been one of the university leadership’s most important advisors during the campus renewal following the flood of 2008, serving as co-chair of the UI Flood Mitigation Task Force. In 2009, he co-founded the Iowa Flood Center, which has provided superb services to the state to help Iowans prepare for flooding events more effectively. The center has taken on a national profile, sharing valuable knowledge with communities and institutions across the country.

Recently, Weber led a collaborative process that brought the Iowa Geological Survey to IIHR, broadening its research, outreach, and educational programs to cover groundwater to surface water, studying conditions from drought to flood.

In addition, Weber and his wife Miechelle were recently honored with the Johnson County Heritage Trust Conservation Award for their grassroots conservation efforts. The Webers have purchased and are ecologically restoring a parcel of land they call “Old Man’s Timber,” which includes about 80 acres of upland woodland and floodplain forest along Old Man’s and Old Woman’s creeks, plus a three-acre planted prairie. The timber has remained relatively protected for several decades, with no known grazing, timber harvest, or other disturbances.

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