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Spring Honors, Awards, and Recognition

Posted on June 5th, 2014

Spring this year brought a flood of awards, honors, and recognition to IIHR’s faculty and staff:

  • Ching-Long Lin.

    Ching-Long Lin.

    Ching-Long Lin, Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers—Lin, who is a professor of mechanical engineering and a research engineer at IIHR, was named a fellow of ASME in recognition of his outstanding engineering achievements. New fellows are nominated by their peers, and must have 10 or more years of active practice and at least 10 years of active membership in ASME.

  • Marian Muste.

    Marian Muste.

    Marian Muste, American Society of Civil Engineers’ Stevens Award—Muste was honored with ASCE’s J.C. Stevens Award for his discussion of “Uncertainty Model for In Situ Quality Control of Stationary ADCP Open-Channel Discharge Measurement” in the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, January 2013. Muste was also nominated to serve as associate editor for the International Journal of River Basin Management.

  • Jerald Schnoor.

    Jerald Schnoor.

    Jerry Schnoor, elected to the Nominating Committee for the National Academy of Engineering—Schnoor is the Allen S. Henry Chair in Engineering, professor of civil and environmental engineering, IIHR research engineer, and co-director of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research.

  • Sarah Vigmostad.

    Sarah Vigmostad.

    Sarah Vigmostad, James N. Murray Faculty Award—Vigmostad is an assistant professor of biomedical engineering and an assistant research engineer at IIHR. The Murray Award is presented to a young faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding rapport with students and who creates an exemplary classroom atmosphere. Vigmostad uses inquiry-based learning to encourage students to ask challenging questions and engage in the process of discovering solutions.

The UI Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development honored three IIHR research associates for excellence in research and innovation. The Distinguished Research Awards, new this year, were presented recently at a private dinner and ceremony.


  • David Cwiertny.

    David Cwiertny.

    David Cwiertny, Early Career Scholar of the Year AwardThis award honors faculty members who have served five years or fewer at the University of Iowa, and who are currently involved in research or scholarly activity that shows significant promise. Cwiertny is an associate professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering and an associate research engineer at IIHR.

  • Tori Z. Forbes.

    Tori Z. Forbes.

    Tori Forbes, Distinguished Mentor AwardUI faculty or staff members, who have mentored undergraduates as they complete research and creative projects. Current students nominate their mentors for this award. Forbes is an assistant professor of chemistry and an assistant research scientist at IIHR. As one nominator notes, “I am confident that without the mentoring of Forbes, I would have abandoned this field of study. Forbes has continuously gone above and beyond, and for that I am extremely grateful.”

  • Witold Krajewski.

    Witold Krajewski.

    Witold Krajewski, Leadership in Research AwardThis award honors a UI faculty member for extraordinary leadership of a large collaborative and interactive team science grant. Krajewski is director of the Iowa Flood Center, professor of civil and environmental engineering, and research engineer at IIHR. In response to the 2008 floods, Krajewski co-founded the Iowa Flood Center, which uses cutting-edge research and technology to improve the flood preparedness of Iowans. According to colleagues and nominators, Krajewski has “unquestionable leadership skills” and pushes the boundaries of research “to levels others may only dream of.”

The University of Iowa College of Engineering held his annual recognition ceremony on May 15, and several IIHR faculty and staff members were honored:

  • James Buchholz.

    James Buchholz.

    James Buchholz, Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching—This award recognizes Buchholz’s dedication to teaching and commitment to improving the academic experience for his students. Pupils admire his adaptability in the classroom, his ability to understand their needs, and his flexibility in response to feedback and suggestions. Buchholz is an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and an assistant research engineer at IIHR.

  • George Constantinescu.

    George Constantinescu.

    George Constantinescu, Faculty Excellence Award for Research—Constantinescu is an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, and an associate research engineer at IIHR. The award recognizes his global leadership in the field of computational fluid mechanics, and particularly the Large Eddy Simulation model.

  • Radek Goska.

    Radek Goska.

    Radek Goska, UI College of Engineering’s Staff Excellence Award for Research—Goska, an IIHR staff engineer, was honored for his significant contributions to research programs at IIHR and the Iowa Flood Center. His flexibility, willingness to help colleagues and students, and amazing technical and creative skills have made him “arguably the most versatile staff member of IIHR and the Iowa Flood Center.”

  • UI College of Engineering Staff Longevity Awards
    • Teresa Gaffey.

      Teresa Gaffey.

      Teresa Gaffey, IIHR’s director of finance, was honored for 20 years of service to IIHR and the College of Engineering.

    • Nathan Young.

      Nathan Young.

      Nate Young, IIHR associate research engineer and associate director of the Iowa Flood Center, was honored for five years of service to IIHR and the College of Engineering.

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