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Paul Dierking: The Inquisitive Engineer

Posted on May 20th, 2014

According to Paul Dierking’s parents, he was the kind of kid who asked “how?” and “why?” … a lot. That inquisitive nature has taken Dierking from the family farm to a career in water resources engineering with a major engineering consulting firm. Dierking, an IIHR alumnus and a member of the institute’s Advisory Board, says […]

Taming Total Dissolved Gas

Posted on March 1st, 2012

When a human diver comes to the surface from deep water too fast, the change in water pressure can cause a painful and sometimes fatal condition known as the bends. A similar condition, gas bubble disease, can harm or kill migrating fish as they pass through large hydroelectric dams. Marcela Politano, an IIHR associate research […]

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