Map showing drought conditions in the western United States in 2020

Does Less Pollution Mean Less Precipitation?

IIHR researchers Wei Zhang and Gabriele Villarini (IIHR director) have published research linking urban sprawl to an increase in rainfall and flooding during Hurricane Harvey.
Kielas-Jensen poses
Three people in Iowa-branded clothing stand between a plumbing demonstration and Herky

Iowa Researchers to Develop Tools for Detecting Lead in Iowa Drinking Water

David Cwiertny, the William D. Ashton Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Iowa, and a team of researchers were recently awarded $700,000 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to develop a new public tool to estimate the areas of Iowa that are vulnerable to lead poisoning via their water supply
Witold Krajewski

Witold F. Krajewski named AAAS fellow

Krajewski was selected for major scientific advances in hydrometeorology, flood prediction, and water resources. He is one of seven University of Iowa faculty members named as fellows.
Photo of H.S. Udaykumar

University of Iowa Researcher Receives $2.2M in Grant Funding for Hypersonics Research

University of Iowa Professor of Mechanical Engineering H.S. Udaykumar has received research funding totaling more than $2.2 million to develop innovative new materials for hypersonic aircraft.
A and B options in the framework app

Mitigation Game

Greg Ewing, a PhD student at IIHR is working with IIHR Researcher Ibrahim Demir to build new ways for communities to prepare for and respond to the next disaster.
Larry Weber stands at the front of a classroom, smiling

Weber Receives American Water Resources Association Award

New research led by IIHR Director Gabriele Villarini has developed a probabilistic rainfall generator to provide crucial rainfall data for more accurate modeling of tropical cyclones in coastal states.

Lamuta Develops Soft Robots Inspired by Cephalopods

Caterina Lamuta has taken a keen interest in cephalopods and has found new ways to mimic their tentacles in the lab for use in underwater vehicles and robots.
Gabriele Villarini works at a computer

Understanding the True Flood Risks of Tropical Cyclones

New research led by IIHR Director Gabriele Villarini has developed a probabilistic rainfall generator to provide crucial rainfall data for more accurate modeling of tropical cyclones in coastal states.

What’s in Your Water?

IIHR's Zhi and LeFevre took samples and measured chemical composition of a local creek for over three years in an ecological study.
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Whatever the Weather, Casavant Has It Covered

Iowa Flood Center graduate student Libby Casavant presents the IFC weather briefing at IFC weekly meetings, but she spends most of her time mapping the sediment flow through the Kosi River using two- and three-dimensional modeling software.
A smiling man holds an award

Fighting for Climate Action: Schnoor Honored by AEESP

IIHR Research Engineer Jerry Schnoor was selected as the 2021 Association of Environmental Engineering & Science Professors (AEESP) Fellow.
Professional photo of Scott Hagen

In Memoriam: Scott Charles Hagen, 1961–2021

University of Iowa and IIHR alumnus and friend Scott C. Hagen died on July 24, 2021, at the age of 60. Hagen was a tireless advocate for IIHR and its programs; he served as a member of the IIHR Advisory Board from 2014–18. He will be profoundly missed.
Photo of Keri Hornbuckle smiling with Old Capitol in the background

Iowa Cousins Pursue Similar Paths as Researchers at Iowa and ISU

It may not be that unusual when multiple people from the same family pursue similar careers. But listening to Brian Hornbuckle and his cousin Keri Hornbuckle talk, it quickly became obvious how much the Iowa cousins admire—and inspire—one another.
Marian Muste stands in front of his self-cleaning Culvert

Muste’s Fourth Fulbright to Take Him to Hungary

IIHR Research Engineer Marian Muste will travel to Hungary on his fourth Fulbright Fellowship for the spring semester of 2022.
Fred Stern poses at the wave basin.

Stern and Sanada Receive $1.3M in Grants from the Office of Naval Research

Three new grants from the Office of Naval Research are the latest in a long line of grant support for Professor Frederick Stern.
A woman uses a laboratory glove box

Scherer Honored for Faculty Excellence

IIHR Research Engineer Michelle Scherer has received the 2021 Regents Award for Faculty Excellence, one of the University of Iowa’s highest honors for faculty achievement.
Witold Krajewski poses in an IFC polo

Krajewski Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Iowa Flood Center Director Witold Krajewski has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), one of the highest honors conferred in the field of engineering.