Greg LeFevre stands in front of the Iowa River

University of Iowa engineering institutes must give ‘indirect’ research funds to college

A fish passageway lets out water on the lower side of a dam

Fighting for Fish

Floyd Nagler founded IIHR, then acted as director for 13 years. One of his most important projects was his work on the flow of the Mississippi river.
A seated man near the Iowa River in fall

LeFevre Honored by OVPR

IIHR’s Gregory LeFevre won the University of Iowa Office of the Vice President’s Early Career Scholar of the Year Award.
Oars in the water

Row with the Flow: IIHR Flume Supports Hawkeyes

Ten years ago, Iowa athletics opened the new boathouse, home to the Iowa rowing team and a brand new rowing tank designed by IIHR. The tank keeps the rowers in shape and injury-free as they train during the off-season.
Navid Jadidoleslam stands in front of the Iowa River

IIHR Grad Student Publishes Two Journal Papers

IIHR graduate student Navid Jadidoleslam is the first author on two papers published recently in the prestigious Journal of Hydrology.
Four men stand in front of a dam

IIHR Gives a Dam About Fish Passage

They may not know it, but millions of salmon in the Pacific Northwest have safely passed through major hydroelectric dams thanks in part to the problem-solving and modeling expertise of the engineers at IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering
Craig and Kate stand outside

Just Receives $1.1M EPA Grant for Water Quality

IIHR’s Craig Just received $1.1 million from the EPA for research on flood reduction and water quality in the Middle Cedar and Clear Creek watersheds, in support of the Iowa Watershed Approach (IWA).
IWFoS Johnson County map

New Online System Available for Well Owners

The University of Iowa Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination, in collaboration with the UI Hydroinformatics Lab and the Iowa Geological Survey, has developed an information system to support the management of private wells in Iowa.
Greg LeFevre stands in front of the Iowa River
Two of the same copy of currents, one open to the centerfold, the other closed laying on top

IIHR Currents Wins Award

The 2017–18 issue of IIHR Currents won the Communicator Award of Excellence from the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts.
Isaac Di Napoli stands in front of the Burlington St. Bridge

Iowa: The Navy’s Secret Weapon

Isaac Di Napoli is a grad student working with IIHR who recently won a scholarship and a future job with the United States Department of Defense. After graduation, Di Napoli will begin working with the Navy on ship hydraulics research.
A portrait of Hui Zhi

IIHR Student Hui Zhi Wins IWC Grant Competition

IIHR grad student Hui Zhi received a grant from the Iowa Water Center to fund her research on sorption and biodegradation of pharmaceuticals in Iowa’s water.
Jacob Odgaard sits at a table

Odgaard Wins H.A. Einstein Award

IIHR’s A. Jacob Odgaard recently received the ASCE’s H.A. Einstein Award for his leadership and tireless effort in the field of sediment transport and river erosion control.
Schilling stands with a table in a ditch

Road Ditches Reduce Nutrients

Keith Schilling’s recent research suggests that water quality challenges in Iowa and nationally would be even greater if it weren’t for a little appreciated feature of the landscape — road ditches.
The flooded Mississippi River

Weber Named to Flood Recovery Advisory Board

IIHR’s Larry Weber has been named to serve on Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ Flood Recovery Advisory Board.
The group at MOU stands in front of a wall for a picture

UI, IIHR Join Regional Water Consortium

The University of Iowa and IIHR are part of the new Coastal-Hydrologic Consortium, which will work to solve regional flooding problems and water-related issues in the Mississippi River Watershed.
Ibrahim Demir demonstrates IFIS for onlookers

IFC S.D. Flood Information System Wins Award

The IFC-designed Big Sioux River Flood Information System recently won the 2018 Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award from the South Dakota Engineering Society Eastern Chapter.
The flooded Mississippi River

Early Spring Flooding Slams Iowa

Frozen soil, melting snowpack, and additional precipitation this spring are causing devastating flooding in many communities in Iowa and neighboring Nebraska. The Iowa Flood Center offers indispensable, up-to-the-minute information on IFIS.
Larry Weber stands in front of an IIHR model of fish passageways

IIHR Researchers Honored

IIHR has plenty to be proud of! Recent accolades for IIHR faculty researchers include former Director Larry Weber and Research Engineer Fred Stern, who both received prestigious honors from professional organizations.
Greg LeFevre stands in front of the Iowa River

LeFevre Earns NSF CAREER Award

IIHR’s Gregory LeFevre recently received the prestigious NSF CAREER Award, which he will use to study green stormwater treatment practices.