Corn plants stretching as far as you can see on the left, and soybeans going just as far on the right

Understanding Changes in Raccoon River Nitrate

As Iowa farmers have planted more acres of corn to meet the demand driven by the corn-based ethanol industry, many models predicted that nitrate concentrations in Iowa streams would increase accordingly. However, recent IIHR research based on water monitoring and published in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation casts doubt on these predictions.
A seated man near the Iowa River in fall

What’s in the Water?

Greg LeFevre, who joined IIHR in January as an assistant research scientist, is particularly interested in what becomes of certain contaminants as they move through the final stages of the water cycle. LeFevre studies biotransformation—or the chemical alteration—of contaminants in aquatic environments.
A portrait of Kathryn Klarich wearing a blue scarf

Gravitating Toward the Water

Klarich, a new member of the Cwiertny Lab, researches neonicotinoids, a class of insecticide that was found to be present in the Iowa River by the U.S. Geological Survey and IIHR researchers in 2014.
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IIHR Graduate Researcher Hacks into Citizen Science

Yusuf Sermet was recently recognized with two awards at the Midwest Hackathon at Iowa State University. His crowdsourcing project focused on flood data.
Larry Weber stands close to the camera with the rest of the IWP team behind him in front of a pond

IFC Helps Bring $96.9M HUD Grant to Iowa

The Iowa Flood Center was instrumental in bringing a new $96.9M grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Iowa.
A view of the Ottumwa treatment basins.

Safe Drinking Water for Iowans

Scientists at IIHR are working with municipal water supply operators in several Iowa cities to help bring safe and reliable supplies of drinking water to those communities.
Hands and Bottles

Studying Arsenic in Cerro Gordo County Groundwater

Five years later, a multi-institutional research study determines the source of arsenic in Cerro Gordo County private wells.
Danny Moustakidis, Turkey River Watershed. Standing in front of a river

Destined for the Water

Danny Moustakidis plays a key role in nutrient research at the University of Iowa, studying soil phosphorus levels in the Turkey Watershed.
David Cwiertny stands in front of the Burlington Street Dam on the Iowa River

IIHR Researcher Studies Water Pollution Solutions

David Cwiertny is researching water quality and wastewater treatment.
Water rushes through the spillway of the Coralville Dam

Villarini: Midwest Floods More Frequent

Floods are becoming increasingly more frequent over the Midwest and surrounding states, according to IIHR Assistant Research Engineer Gabriele Villarini.
Closeup of switchgrass

Switchgrass Removes PCBs from Soil

IIHR researchers have found a type of grass that was once a staple of the American prairie can remove soil laden with PCBs.