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Curriculum Vitae

Christopher S. Jones, PhD


IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering
University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 52242

Research Interests

Contaminant hydrology, nutrient and sediment transport, agriculture and water quality, water monitoring.


PhD, Analytical Chemistry, 1989, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana

BA, Chemistry and Biology, 1983, Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa

Professional Experience

Research Engineer and Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Iowa, IIHR, June 2015–present

  • Manage statewide real-time continuous water monitoring network
  • Class instruction
  • Original research

Environmental Scientist, Iowa Soybean Association, Ankeny, Iowa, 2011–15

  • Project management
  • Technical advisor
  • Investigative research
  • Fishers and Farmers Fish Habitat Partnership Steering Committee
  • Coordination of Testing Laboratory
  • Affiliate Faculty, Dept. of Geology, Iowa State University

Laboratory Supervisor, Des Moines Water Works, Des Moines, Iowa, 2003–11

  • Supervisor of chemistry and microbiology laboratories
  • Iowa DNR Nutrient Science Advisory Committee
  • Iowa DNR Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Technical Advisory Group
  • Raccoon River Watershed Masterplan Technical Advisory Committee
  • Iowa DNR-Certified Class II Water Treatment Operator
  • Affiliate Faculty, Dept. of Geology, Iowa State University

Technical Director, SL-Serco, St. Anthony Minn., 1999–2003

  • Consulting for water and wastewater utilities
  • Technical writing
  • Creation of public information documents for municipal government
  • Safety consulting and training

Laboratory Manager, Serco Laboratories, Roseville, Minn., 1988–99

  • Supervision of testing laboratory
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Methods development

Awards and Service

  • Iowa Nutrient Center, $367,000, Nitrate and Phosphorous Sensors for Iowa Streams, FY 2019.
  • Iowa Nutrient Center, $367,000, Nitrate and Phosphorous Sensors for Iowa Streams, FY 2018.
  • National Science Foundation, $90,000, Validation and Utilization of a New Tool for Citizen-Led Water Quality Monitoring in Agricultural Watersheds, FY 2018.
  • Iowa Nutrient Center, $225,000, Nitrate and Phosphorous Sensors for Iowa Streams, FY 2017.
  • Iowa Nutrient Center, $450,000, Nitrate Sensors for Iowa Streams, FY 2016.
  • Develop New Water Quality Index, $19,000. Iowa Department of Natural Resources, 2016.
  • Investigation and Remediation of Brushy Creek, Watershed Improvement Review Board, $220,000, 2009-11.
  • Investigation of Nitrate and E. coli bacteria in the Raccoon and Des Moines Rivers, Iowa DNR, 2006-2008, $175,000.
  • Biological Denitrification of Raccoon River Water, USEPA, 2006, $85,286.
  • Leadership Award, Fishers and Farmers Fish Habitat Partnership, 2015.
  • Best Research Paper Award for Impact and Quality, 2014, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation.
  • Award for Excellence on Johnston, IA Green Meadows Project, 2011, Iowa Stormwater Association.
  • Iowa DNR Certified Water Treatment Plant Operator.
  • Award for “Excellence in Reviewing”, 2018. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution.
  • Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of Environmental Quality; Journal of Hydrologic Engineering; Wetlands; Journal of Environmental Chemistry Letters; Science of the Total Environment; Water, Air and Soil Pollution; Journal of Environmental Management; WIREs Water; Microchemical Journal.

Journal Publications


  • Jones, C.S. and Schilling, K.E. Iowa statewide stream nitrate loading: 2017-2018 Update. 2019. Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science. 126 (1-4): 6-12.
  • Schilling, K.E. and Jones, C.S. Hydrograph separation of subsurface tile discharge. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 2019. 191:231.
  • Schilling, K.E., Jones, C.S., Clark, R.J., Libra, R.D., Liang, X., Zhang, Y-K. 2019. Contrasting NO3-N Concentration Patterns at Two Iowa Karst Springs: Insights on Aquifer N Storage and Delivery. Hydrogeology Journal.
  • Schilling, K.E., Gassman, P., Arenas, A.A., Jones, C.S., Arnold, J., 2019. Quantifying the contribution of tile drainage to basin-scale water yield using analytical methods and a numerical model. Science of the Total Environment, 657: 297-309.
  • Jones, C.S., Schilling, K.E., Seeman, A. 2019. Relating carbon and nitrogen transport from constructed farm drainage. Agricultural Water Management, 213: 12-23.


  • Jones C.S., Drake, C.W., Hruby, C.E., Schilling, K.E., Wolter, C.F. 2018. Concentration of Livestock Driving Stream Nitrate. Ambio. doi:
  • Ayers, J.R., Villarini, G., Jones, C.S., Schilling, K.E. 2018. Changes in monthly baseflow across the U.S. Midwest. Hydrologic Processes. doi:10.1002/hyp.13359.
  • Schilling, K.E., Kult, K., Seeman, A., Wilke, K. Jones, C.S. 2018. Nitrate-N Load Reduction Measured in a Central Iowa Restored Oxbow. Ecological Engineering, 124: 19-22.
  • Jones, C.S., Schilling, K.E., Simpson, I.M., Wolter C.F. 2018. Iowa stream nitrate, discharge and precipitation: 30 year perspective. Environmental Management.
  • Jones, C.S., Nielsen, J.K., Schilling, K.E., Weber, L.J. 2018. Iowa stream nitrate and the Gulf of Mexico. PLOS ONE, (OPEN ACCESS).
  • Drake, C.W., Jones, C.S., Schilling, K.E., Arenas Amado, A., Weber, L.J. 2018. Estimating nitrate retention in a large constructed wetland using high-frequency, continuous monitoring and hydrologic modeling. Ecological Engineering, 117: 69-83.
  • Schilling, K. E., Jacobson, P. J., Streeter, M. T., Jones, C. S., 2018. Groundwater Hydrology and Quality in Drained Wetlands of the Des Moines Lobe in Iowa. Wetlands, 1-13.
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  • Jones, C.S., Kim, S-W., Wilton, T., Schilling, K.E., Davis, C.A. 2018. Strategically-placed real-time water quality sensors quantify stream nitrate processing. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 190:226.
  • Jones, C.S., Davis, C.A., Drake, C.W., Schilling, K.E., Debionne, S., Gilles, D., Demir, I., Weber, L. Iowa Statewide Stream Nitrate Load Calculated Using In-Situ Sensor Network. 2018. Journal of the American Water Resources Association .


  • Schilling, K.E., Kim, S-W., Jones, C.S., Wolter, C.F. 2017. Orthophosphorous Contributions to Total Phosphorous Concentrations and Loads in Midwestern Agricultural Watersheds. Journal of Environmental Quality, 46:819-827.
  • Arenas, A.A., Schilling, K.E., Jones, C.S., Thomas, N., Weber, L.J. 2017. Estimation of tile drainage contribution to streamflow and nutrient loads at the watershed scale based on continuously monitored data. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 189:426.
  • Schilling, K.E., Kim, S-W., Jones, C.S. 2017. Use of Water Quality Surrogates to Estimate Total Phosphorus Concentrations in Iowa Rivers. Journal of Hydrology, Regional Studies, 12:111-121.
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  • Jones, C.S., B. Wang, K.E. Schilling, and K-s. Chan. 2017. Nitrate transport and supply limitations quantified using high-frequency stream monitoring and turning point analysis. Journal of Hydrology, 549: 581-591.
  • Jones, C.S., Kim, S-W., Schilling, K.E. 2017. Use of continuous monitoring to assess stream nitrate flux and transformation patterns. Environ Monit Assess, 189:35.


  • Villarini, G., Jones, C.S. and Schilling, K.E., 2016. Soybean Area and Baseflow Driving Nitrate in Iowa’s Raccoon River. Journal of Environmental Quality, 45: 1949-1959.
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*Selected as Best Paper for Impact and Quality in Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 2009-2014.

Accepted Abstracts for Conference Proceedings

  • C.S. Jones. Livestock concentration and Western Iowa Stream Nitrate. Iowa Water Conference. March 12, 2019, Ames, Iowa.
  • C.A. Davis and C.S. Jones. Iowa’s Statewide Water Quality Sensor Network: Quantifying Iowa’s N Exports 2016-2017. Geological Society of America, North Central Section Annual Meeting, April 16, 2018, Ames, Iowa.
  • C.S. Jones and K.E. Schilling. Optimization of Oxbow Restoration Benefits for Both the Farmer and the Conservationist. Iowa Water Conference, March 21, 2018, Ames, IA.
  • C.S. Jones and K.E. Schilling. Optimization of Oxbow Restoration Benefits for Both the Farmer and the Conservationist. Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, January 30, 2018, Milwaukee, WI.
  • C. Drake, C. Jones, K. Schilling, A. Arenas Amado, L. Weber. Paper 1700207. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, Annual International Meeting, July 16-19, 2017. Spokane, WA.
  • C.S. Jones. Transport and supply limitations for nitrate loss in tiled systems. International Drainage Symposium, Minneapolis, MN. 2016.
  • C.S. Jones, C. Davis, and S-W. Kim. Use of real-time and continuous water quality monitoring in Iowa streams to inform conservation strategy in an agricultural landscape. 2015. In American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, San Francisco 14-18 December, abstract 74169.
  • Seeman, A., C.S. Jones, P. Kyveryga, and A.Kiel. Environmental performance with agronomic management: Raccoon River watershed case study. Proceedings of the 27th Integrated Crop Management Conference. Iowa State University, 2015 Ames, IA.
  • C.S. Jones. Crop rotation and Raccoon River nitrate. Paper 152316123. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, Annual International Meeting, July 28, 2015. New Orleans, LA.
  • Soupir, M.L., N.L. Hoover, T. Moorman, C.S. Jones, and K. Kult. Evaluation of woodchip bioreactors for improved water quality. Paper 152190051. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, Annual International Meeting, July 28, 2015. New Orleans, LA.
  • C.S. Jones. Trends in corn area versus riverine nitrate in Iowa’s Raccoon River watershed. 69th Soil and Water Conservation Society International Annual Conference. July 28, 2014. Chicago, IL.
  • C.S. Jones and K.E. Schilling. Riverine carbon export from Iowa’s tile-drained Des Moines lobe. Paper 163-6. ASA, CSSA, and SSSA International Annual Meeting. October 22, 2012. Cincinnati, OH.
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  • Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production: Principles and Applications. Technical Editor. Wiley-VCH Publishing, 2008.





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