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Iowa Flood Center 060618

Allen Bradley class lecture 042518

Iowa Water Conference 032118

Iowa Nutrient Research Center Legislature Presentation 011718


Upper Cedar Watershed Improvement Association 121317

Iowa Post Construction Stormwater Conference 082417

Iowa Center for Agricultural Safety and Health 051617

Iowa Academy of Science 042117

Iowa Public Health Association 041017  LINK

Iowa Water Conference 040817

Boone River Watershed Partners Meeting 040417

Cedar River Watershed Coalition 033117

Iowa Nutrient Research Center 030817

dubuque watershed mgmt symposium 020817

English River Watershed Mgmt Authority 021617

USGS 012517


Assoc of Iowa County Supervisors Mtg 120116

Iowa Groundwater Assoc 100616

Clear Creek Technical Team Meeting 092216

International Drainage Symposium 090816

Soil and Water Conservation Society 061016

Iowa Assoc of Water Agencies 051916

Nanjing University China 041216

Am Society of Civil Engineers 040616

Iowa Water Conference 032016

Iowa Soybean Research Conference 021816

Cedar Creek Watershed Group 011916


American Geophysical Union International meeting, poster Dec 2015

Raccoon River Watershed Association Dec 2015

Integrated Crop Management meeting ISU Dec 2015




Last modified on June 6th, 2018
Posted on May 16th, 2017