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CLE4R at a Girls-Go-Stem Event in February

Posted on February 16th, 2017

Girls-Go-Stem Participants working with pollution sources and monitors

An article in the Cedar Rapids Gazette.  Link.  We were one of 16 activities that participants (6th, 7th and 8th grade girls) could participate in. Here is a short video with a little more insight on the event.

Our own write-up is here:

CLE4R made an appearance at the Girls Go STEM event hosted by UI Health Care STEM Education. 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls got an exciting opportunity to explore some of the medical, scientific, and research activities that are conducted at the University. The Stanier Research Group got the opportunity to demonstrate some of their latest work to several excellent groups of girls. After the girls got the chance to learn about the air pollution crisis in China they engaged in a brief role playing exercise to discuss means of reducing air pollution in the region. They used their roles as, doctors, scientists, and political officials, to formulate opinions and questions they could discuss with other groups.

Girls engage with Professor Stanier in a role playing exercise.

After they really got thinking about some serious consequences and possible solutions to this crisis, the girls were introduced to the Airbeam. This is the technology that the Stanier research group has been using to test particulate matter here in Iowa City as well as they Mississippi River Valley in accordance with the CLE4R effort in Dubuque. Each group learned briefly about particulate matter and then got to take part in a short hands-on activity using the Airbeams. Several stations were set up in order to demonstrate how the technology was used to measure the safety of air quality. From candle smoke to gunpowder combustion, the girls were able to simulate high levels of particulate matter and gain first hand insight into the concentrations they learned about in their reading.

A few of the activities for using the AirBeam, simulating smoke and dust.