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Dubuque STEM Festival 2017

Posted on April 22nd, 2017

With over 40 exhibits of driving robots, homemade rockets, and planet surfing the Dubuque Area STEM Festival was surely a success. Both kids and parents were actively involved in the scientific community through hands-on activities and problem-solving. CLE4R and partners got to demonstrate the AirBeam technology by assembling a large crowdsourced air quality map. We were able to gather a significant amount of data due to such a great turnout for the event overall. We estimate that well over 100 participants got the opportunity to stop by our booth and learn something new about air quality.  Because of the warm and clear weather, kids and parents could take the AirBeams outdoors and gather their own data which was then uploaded to our crowdsourced map. Along with this, participants performed small demonstrations to simulate poor air quality with candle smoke and road dust. They learned how to distinguish between the different levels of the air quality index and what they can do if they find themselves in a position where the air is not as clean as it should be. Thanks again to all the volunteers and partners who participated in this event. Your help was much appreciated.

Families learning about AirBeams and participating in air quality demonstrations.