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CLE4R Partners

CLE4R’s official partners are:

          Green Dubuque is a nonprofit educational and advocacy group that inspires and helps empower the Dubuque community to critically think about and act on environmental challenges. Members of Green Dubuque focus on the issues that affect Dubuque’s capacity to become more resilient and regenerative: energy, local food, materials management, land use, air and water quality, social equity, transportation, and mobility. Because air quality is intertwined with energy production, transportation, and overall resource management, it has been brought to the forefront of Green Dubuque’s current focus. As advocates for a clean environment here in Dubuque, members believe that citizens have the right to understand the quality of the air we breathe. To engage in proactive conversations with our neighbors, Green Dubuque relies on delineating what strategies and behavioral changes might create the most positive results in both air quality and wellness for Dubuque residents. By using Airbeam monitors to measure particulate matter across the city, Green Dubuque will help identify activities and situations hazardous to human health. Based on “actionable data,” we aim to empower the Dubuque community to not only recognize, but also act upon, these findings to make Dubuque a healthier and greener community. 

          The University of Dubuque partners include students, professors, and the resources of an academic institution that will greatly benefit the CLE4R project. The GIS capabilities of the University are being complemented with student research and faculty expertise to craft an air quality project that begins with experimental design, offers various avenues for data analysis and implications, and will raise awareness with other students, as well as community members, on PM 2.5 air quality in Dubuque. Specific questions include the relationship of local air quality to trends in city health indicators, sociodemographic factors, and regional weather conditions. Use of Airbeams will be instrumental in developing student-centered research to be shared with the public.

Additional partners:

          Green Iowa AmeriCorps is participating in CLE4R under its host, the City of Dubuque Sustainability Office, as well as through collaboration with Green Dubuque and the University of Dubuque to achieve their goals with the project. Green Iowa AmeriCorps is a team that inspires home energy efficiency and environmental stewardship through home energy audits, environmental education, and community outreach. Home energy audits offer an opportunity to use the Airbeam monitors to ensure that PM concentrations are safe within a resident’s home. Additionally, Green Iowa members will assist in empowering the community to make informed decisions based on citizen science.

At the January 21, 2016 partner training, organizations discuss the details of implementing the CLE4R initiative in Dubuque.

At the January 21, 2016 partner training, organizations discuss the details of implementing the CLE4R initiative in Dubuque.

Last modified on February 5th, 2018
Posted on October 2nd, 2015