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Links to Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Resources


General Info about Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics
Information from the “About” Search Engine
Edinburg Engineering Virtual Library
NEEDS — The National Engineering Delivery System
Texas Environmental Center — Encyclopedia of Water Terms
Web Searching Strategies and Sites — University of Oklahoma
Watercom Engineering


Instructional Material
An ASCE Publication
A Fluid Dynamics Self-Study Course
Princeton University – Instructional Materials
Computer Aided Learning In Fluid Dynamics — University of Paisley
Java Applets for Engineering Education — by National Science Foundation
Fluids @ Virginia Tech
Edinburg Engineering Virtual Library
Civil Engineering Virtual Library — Geogia Tech
AltaVista Search Result
The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive — Biographies Index


More Flow Images
The Colorful Fluid Mixing Gallery — by Andre Bakker
Album of Flow Visualizations
Dr Hubert Chanson’s Gallery of Photographs
WEBSHOTS hosted by Excite
Photos To Go
University Libraries Digital Image Collection — Virgina Tech
Fluids @ Virginia Tech
The Water Science Picture Gallery — U.S. Geological Survey


Conversion of Units
Pressure Unit Converter Calculator by Norman W. Schaeffler
The Vacuum Pressure Conversion Web Page by Wenzel Electronics
Temperature Conversion Calculator — University of California-Berkeley
Various Conversions by Digital Generation LLC.
Profesional Metric Unit Conversions
Dictionary of Unit Measurements


Fluid Flow Calculator
Flow Through Venturi Pipe Calculator — Zoran Savovic
The Fluid Flow Calculations Website — LMNO Engineering, Research, and Software, Ltd.
Forced Laminar Flow Calculator — Engineering Fundamentals


Data Sources and Projects — Princeton University


ITSC Fluids Movie Archive — Innovative Technology Solution
Java Virtula Wind Tunnel
Links to CFD Animations — Southwest Cyber Port (SWCP)


Funny Flows
A Boat Story


Oral/Written Presentations
Technical Writing — About
Effective Use of New Computer Technologies for Students — The College of Allied Health,
University of Oklahoma


Online Fluids Classes/Laboratories
Mechanics of Fluids and Transport Processes — University of Iowa
Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory
Mission Technology
Wing Design, Conventional Airfoils, and Laminar Flow Airfoils — NASA
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory — Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne
Fluid Dynamics Laboratory — University of Cambridge
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory — University of California-Berkeley
Hydraulics and Hydrology — Université Catholique de Louvain
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Undergraduate Courses — LuleÎ University of Technology
Video-Based Engineering Education — North Carolina State University
Fluid and Thermal Sciences Laboratory — University at Buffalo
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Notes — University of Western Australia
Fluids Lab — Lehigh University


Links to Links
Mechanics of Fluids and Transport Processes College of Engineering, University of Iowa
Princeton University Fluid Dynamics Links
Engineering and Science Links — LMNO Engineering, Research, and Software, Ltd.
Ultimate Civil Engineering Directory
Yahoo Related Links


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