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Fluids Lab – Virtual Tour

With a few clicks, you can find your way to the facility associated with the experiment of interest. Begin by choosing the green dot in front of your experiment title. Clicking on the same dot in subsequent frames you’ll get local area maps, photos of the buildings and of the experimental facilities, and sketches directing you to the experiment location.


57:020 Mechanics of Fluids and Transfer Processes

  • Stability of a Floating Body (SHL)
  • Measurement of Kinematic Viscosity (HWTA)
  • Conservation of Mass, Momentum, and Energy in a Sluice Gate/Hydraulic Jump (HMA)
  • Measurement of Velocity Profile and Head Loss/Friction Factor in Pipe Flow (East Annex)
  • Water Hammer (East Annex)
  • Simulation of Pipe Friction Factor and Velocity Profile (HWTA)
  • Energy Loss in a Hydraulic Jump (HMA)
  • Measurement of Pressure Distribution and Lift for an Airfoil (HWTA)
  • Simulation of Airfoil Pressure Distribution and Wake Velocity Profile (HWTA)

53:071 Principles of Hydraulics

  • Energy and Hydraulic Grade Lines in Water Pipe Systems (HMA)
  • WeirCalibration (HMA)
  • Local Losses in Pipe Flows (HMA)
  • Analysis of Open-Channel Flow Transitions Using the Specific Energy Diagram (HMA)
  • Pelton Turbine Experiment (East Annex)

58:162/53172 Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

  • LDV Measurements in turbulent Open-Channel Flow (HMA)
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