Electrical & Mechanical Shops

IIHR’s skilled mechanical shop staff can design, build, and test custom models and equipment for a variety of modeling and field research needs. With three full-time engineers expert in the design, use, and maintenance of data-acquisition instruments and systems, our staff can support a variety of research projects.

Did You Know?

The IIHR team has at its disposal:

  • Fully-equipped machine shop (mills, lathes, band saws, drill presses)
  • Two hot-work booths (MIG, TIG, brazing)
  • Two carpentry areas (industrial table saws, routers, jointer, planer, miter saws, band saws)
  • Commercial-grade airless paint and body work area
  • Sheet metal area (48″ shears, brake, and roller), and
  • Storage for recycling instrumentation and equipment

IIHR Shops & Services