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One of IIHR's research vessels, which are available for coring, bathymetry, and more.

One of IIHR’s research vessels, which are available for coring, bathymetry, and more.

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IIHR Engineering Services (IES) technicians provide support for fieldwork at IIHR at varying levels, as required by the project. A recent water-quality testing project required installation of sensors at dozens of sites in creeks and streams around Iowa. IES staff supported the project from the beginning with advice on the physical structure and how it should be built and installed. The shop staff also designed anchors and enclosures and helped deploy the sensors in the field. IES staff provide ongoing maintenance services, and retrieve the sensors at the end of the season.

IES also maintains and operates a number of boats with a range of capabilities to measure river flow rates, velocities, depths, and water quality. IES can conduct sediment sampling and coring with an onboard drilling rig that takes a sediment core from the boat. We also have the ability to conduct single-beam and multi-beam bathymetric surveys. We have conducted bathymetric surveys to detect scouring around bridge piers due to frequent flooding in Iowa, as well as changes in riverbeds near power plant intakes. A recent CFD fish passage modeling project on a stretch of the Prairie du Sac River in Wisconsin included collecting bathymetry and river velocity data to validate the model.

Examples of IES fieldwork support:

  • Customizing and installing a trailer with a camera on a tall mast to take video images of a creek or stream. Using large-scale particle image velocimetry (LSPIV), researchers estimate river flows based on what’s happening at the surface.
  • Wetland cells built and tested by IES, and then installed near the wastewater treatment plant in Iowa City.
  • Iowa Flood Center research includes development and deployment of instruments such as tipping bucket rain gauges, soil moisture probes, stream-stage sensors, and radars. IES staff support these efforts to varying degrees and have developed new expertise in the process.

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Posted on August 6th, 2014

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