Flumes & Wind Tunnels

IIHR has more than a century of experience in the design and construction of flumes and wind tunnels. Our facilities include a number of flumes available for research and education. Our talented staff have also designed, constructed, and installed a number of custom flumes for clients around the world.

Did You Know?

IIHR has a number of flumes available for research and educational projects, including the following:

  • Tilting flume (high-gradient sediment flume)
  • Wind-wave flume (flume with integrated wind tunnel)
  • Two-foot flume (fixed-gradient flume with low turbulence characteristics)
  • Environmental flow facility (IIHR’s largest flume)
  • Towing tank flume
Two students conduct an experiment in the Fluids Lab flume

Our flumes have served industry, researchers, and students worldwide for decades. IIHR’s team can design a state-of-the-art customized flume to meet any specifications, including size, height, tilt, and speed.

The view inside IIHR's wind tunnel

IIHR’s wind tunnel was constructed in 2014 and provides support for a variety of wind energy-related research efforts. In addition, a new wind-wave tunnel provides facilities for the study of the interactions between wind and waves at the boundary layer.