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Floyd the ‘Noid Says

Posted on January 29th, 2018

A message from Ray Anderson, vice-president of the Cedar Valley Rocks and Minerals Society:

“Hello All,

You have probably heard that the drive to convince the Iowa legislature to designate the crinoid as Iowa’s State Fossil is underway. We have 6 sponsors for Senate Joint Resolution 2001 “a joint resolution recognizing the fossil crinoid as the state fossil”. The sponsors are Senators Bolkcom, Dotzler, Dvorsky, Taylor, Kinney, Allen, and Boulton. The Cedar Valley Rocks and Minerals Society has added a page on our web site describing crinoids, why they should be Iowa’s State Fossil, helping readers to identify their legislators, and encouraging them to contact their the lawmakers and vote for the bill. The link to the crinoid page is:

We would certainly appreciate it if you help us to get this bill passed by contacting your State Legislators and encouraging them to promote the bill, and passing this information on to others who may be interested, friends, colleagues, students, etc. It will take a major lobbying effort to get this bill through so please help all you can. Naming the crinoid our State Fossil is way overdue, so let’s get it done.

Thanks for your help.”