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Iowa Geological Survey Data Portal

GeoCore LogoGeoCore

IGS GeoCore tracks cores in the IGS’ Rock Library. GeoCore stores depth intervals, storage location, and high-resolution photographs for each core stored.

GeoSam LogoGeoSam

GeoSam is Iowa’s geologic site and sample tracking program. GeoSam provides location, identification, and other key information about every available well, rock exposure, or site of geologic information in Iowa.

IGS LogoPublications

The publications catalog lists publications from the Iowa Geological Survey. These publications provide information on the geological resources of Iowa, including the state's groundwater, bedrock, glacial materials, and mineral resources from the Iowa Geological Survey.

PumpTest LogoPump Test

IGS Pump Test allows access to pump test records and results that occurred in Iowa’s aquifers. IGS Pump Test gives users access to information and raw water data so they can analyze the pump test data. IGS Pump Test also displays the results of the IGS analysis of the data.


Last modified on June 2nd, 2017
Posted on June 1st, 2017