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Matthew Streeter

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Matthew Streeter, Soil Scientist

Soil Scientist, Iowa Geological Survey

Office: 340C Trowbridge Hall

Phone Number: 319-335-1593


Education: M.S. Soil Science (Pedology), Iowa State University, B.S. Agronomy (Soil and Environmental Science), Iowa State University

Research Interests:

  • Soil health and agricultural crop production
  • Wetland soil restoration and hydrology
  • Agronomic soil sustainability
  • Soil and water interactions in terms of nutrient storage and transport via groundwater
  • Soil erosion and deposition


  • Agron 154, Introductory Soils, 2009-2013, Iowa State University.
    Instructor of record 2010-2013.
  • Agron 370, Field Experience in Soil Science, 2011-2013, Iowa State University.
    Instructor of record 2012-2013.

Professional Affiliations:

  • North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (NCR SARE)
    Administrative council member, 2017-Present.
  • Agronomy Society of America (ASA)
  • Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)
  • Canadian Society of Soil Science (CSSS)
  • Gamma Sigma Delta Honors Society
  • Professional Soil Classifiers of Iowa (PSCI)


  • Iowa Professional Well Driller

Recent Publications and Project Reports:

Shilling, Keith E., Kult, k., Wilke, K., Streeter, M.T., Volgelgesang, J. “Nitrate reduction in a reconstructed floodplain oxbow fed by tile drainage.” Ecological Engineering. May, 2017.

Streeter, Matthew T., Schilling, K.E. “Soil properties in native, reconstructed and farmed prairie potholes: A chronosequence study of restoration timeframes.” Ecological Restoration. March, 2017.

Thomas, Nick, Schilling, K.E., Amado, A.A., Streeter, M.T., Weber, L. Inverse Modeling of Soil Hydraulic Properties in a Two-Layer System and Comparisons with Measured Soil Conditions. Vadose Zone Journal. Feb, 2017.

Schilling, Keith E., Peter J. Jacobson, Matthew T. Streeter, and Christopher S. Jones. “Groundwater Hydrology and Quality in Drained Wetlands of the Des Moines Lobe in Iowa.” Wetlands (2016): 1-13.

Schilling, K.E., Streeter, M.T., Quade, D., Skopec, M. “Groundwater loading of nitrate-nitrogen and phosphorus from watershed source areas to an Iowa Great Lake.” Journal of Great Lakes Research April, 2016.

Schilling, K.E., Streeter, M.T., Hutchinson, K., Wilson, C., Abban, B., Wacha, K., and A. Papanicolaou. “Effects of land cover on streamflow variability in a small Iowa watershed: Assessing future vulnerabilities.” AJES  July, 2015.

Streeter, Matthew T., and Keith E. Schilling. “A comparison of soil properties observed in farmed, restored and natural closed depressions on the Des Moines Lobe of Iowa.” CATENA 129 (2015): 39-45.

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