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Stephanie Surine

Stephanie Tassier-Surine, Geologist

Stephanie Tassier-Surine, Geologist

STATEMAP Program Coordinator

Contact Information
340B Trowbridge Hall

B.S. Geology, Grand Valley State University
M.S. Geoscience, University of Massachusetts

Research Interests
Quaternary Stratigraphy
Surficial Processes and Mapping
Loess Studies in East-central Iowa
Development of the Iowan Surface
Iowa Landforms
Paleoenvironmental Interpretations

Major Responsibilities
Lead Quaternary mapper and STATEMAP Program Coordinator. Researches and conducts field investigations on the Quaternary deposits and stratigraphy of Iowa, with a primary focus on the Pre-Illinoian glacial till units and development of the Iowan Erosion Surface. Collects, describes, and analyzes surface and subsurface geologic samples (both in the field and the laboratory) and interprets the results for use in surficial mapping, Quaternary stratigraphy, and hydrogeologic studies. Responsible for Quaternary database and sample management associated with projects. Responds to information requests on the geology of Iowa and takes part in a variety of educational and outreach activities.

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Last modified on July 1st, 2015
Posted on July 30th, 2014