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In Memoriam: Fazle Karim

IIHR alumnus Dr. Fazle Karim died on Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012, at his home. According to his family, he died of natural causes. He was 67 years old. Physicians said he did not suffer. A Muslim funeral was held on Oct. 24, 2012, in Tucson, Ariz.

Dr. Karim cherished his time at IIHR, says family member Farzin Karim-Brownrigg. “My father has always spoken about his time at the University of Iowa. Since his parents were far away in Bangladesh, I think to some degree he viewed Dr. John F. Kennedy, his wonderful wife, Nancy Kennedy, and the entire IIHR community as parents.”

Karim-Brownrigg says the family would love to gather stories of Dr. Karim’s time at IIHR and Iowa City. Please send your condolences and especially your anecdotes and memories of Dr. Karim to the family at .

Dr. Karim loved to learn about everything in the universe, especially religion and cultures. According to his family, he appreciated all faiths and passed this love and compassion onto his children and loved ones.

According to his family, Dr. Karim loved reading from the beginning of time, all genres, all interests, from hydrology and civil engineering to National Geographic and his local Daily Star newspaper. With a wealth of rounded knowledge as far as one can see, his humbleness characterized his way of life as well. Always living simply, Dr. Karim not only supported his core family to the fullest, but he would reach a helping hand to extended family all across the world, never once demanding praise. “We acknowledge and thank our father for his kindness toward unconscious love and aide to those around him. He will forever be missed, and never forgotten.”

“Please pray for our father today,” Karim-Brownrigg requests.  In the future, a charity may be established in Dr. Karim’s honor.


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Posted on November 5th, 2012

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