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January 2nd

On Wednesday (Jan 2) we got to work finally!  Marian, our other professor, arrived in the night, and it was good to have him finally here.  We walked to IRRAD, safely negotiating traffic and delineated our project goals and what we needed to achieve them.  We stayed at the office until 3 or so then walked back.  After a bit of resting we caved and decided to order a pizza.  We opted for the 18” pizzas and watched Snakes on a Plane (wow, awesome flick!) while we waited the 2 hours for the pizza to arrive.  So the pizza arrives finally and they were definitely not 18” but more like 12” and randomly scattered in each box.  It was pretty tasty though.  It was an alright end to a pretty uneventful day, which was nice considering what we were about to experience the next day.

2 IMG_0023 copy     2 indian-pizza                                 2 IMG_0003 (3)



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Posted on March 31st, 2013