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Dec 30, 2013 – Monday

Today was our first day at the IRRAD office.  We met Devilca, our main logistics coordinator at IRRAD, Salahuddin, Program Leader for the Water Management section of IRRAD, Jane, CEO, and Lalit, Group Leader of Natural Resource Management.  Devilca showed us the building which is LEED platinum certified and gave us a history of IRRAD and the work that they’ve done in Mewat.  It was fun to see where we would be working in the next couple of weeks and know more about the project.  After lunch, we got started gathering data and getting ready for the field day tomorrow.


After our office work day, we went to the Ambience mall to shop for some essentials for our field day.  It’s a very large, modern shopping mall with several floors.  The women made sure to get a kamee (tunic top) and dupatta (scarf) to wear for the field day.  Salwars (traditional, loose pants that are tight at the ankle) were optional to wear.  FabIndia provided a great selection for us to chose from.


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