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Jan 11, 2014 – Saturday

This morning we saw the Maharaja’s City Palace which has a lot of astronomic and astrological instruments, including the world’s largest sundial.  The weather was amazing, sunny and calm probably 75 degrees.  We went to Nahargarh Fort? and were able to see the intricate work that artists do in drawing paintings.  They draw fine, tiny lines to decorate elephants, camels, birds, and other animals.  We stopped to shop for a short time in one of the bazaars in Jaipur.


IMG_2664  IMG_2656


In the afternoon, we traveled about 5 hours to Agra.  The speed limits are different on the highway depending on which type of vehicle you are driving.  Motorcycles can go the fastest, then cars, and buses have the lowest speed limit.  After 15 minutes of figuring out how the lights turned on in our rooms, we happily crawled into our beds to get some sleep.






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Posted on March 31st, 2014