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James Buchholz, Ph.D.

Professional Preparation:

University of Alberta, Canada B.Sc. 1995 Mechanical Engineering
University of Alberta, Canada M.Sc. 1997 Mechanical Engineering
Princeton University Ph.D. 2006 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


1997 – 1998 Project Scientist, Conor Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
1998 – 2000 Director, Calgary Centre for Medical Product Development, TENET Medical Engineering Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
2006 – 2008 Research Specialist, Virtualwind Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
2008 – present


Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Assistant Research Engineer, IIHR – Hydroscience & Engineering, The University of Iowa


Selected Peer Reviewed Publications:

Dillard, S. I., Buchholz, J. H. J., Vigmostad, S., Kim, H., and Udaykumar, H. S. (2014). “Evaluation of techniques to derive geometries from images for use in Eulerian flow computations”, Engineering Computations, 31(3), pp. 530-566.

Akkala, J. M., Eslam Panah, A., and Buchholz, J. H. J. (2015). Vortex dynamics and performance of flexible and rigid plunging airfoils, Journal of Fluids and Structures 54, pp. 103-121.

Eslam Panah A. and Buchholz, J. H. J. (2014). Parameter dependence of vortex interactions on a two-dimensional plunging plate, Experiments in Fluids 55(3), Art. 1687.

Wojcik, C. J. and Buchholz, J. H. J. (2014). Vorticity transport in the leading-edge vortex on a rotating blade, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 743, pp. 249-261.

Dillard, S. I., Mousel, J. A., Udaykumar, H. S. and Buchholz, J. H. (2011). “Image-based modeling of complex boundaries for CFD simulation. 20th AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference. June 27-30, 2011. Honolulu, HI. AIAA Paper 2011-3542.

Additional Publications




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