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Isaac stands in front of the Iowa River

Iowa: The Navy’s Secret Weapon

Posted on June 21st, 2019

Isaac Di Napoli is a grad student working with IIHR who recently won a scholarship and a future job with the United States Department of Defense. After graduation, Di Napoli will begin working with the Navy on ship hydraulics research.

Loebsack Reintroduces Flood Center Legislation

Iowa Flood Center’s work remains vital

Iowa Flood Center Marks 10 Years Along with Flood Lessons Learned at Univ. of Iowa

Iowa Flood Center celebrating 10 years

Iowa’s Flood Center turns 10 as waters rise again

Gearing up for The Big Splash at Hancher

Extreme Weather Events In Iowa May Be The New Normal

Festival celebrating Iowa River set to make a big splash in Iowa City

In the Midwest, Relentless Floods Dredge Up ‘Shadow’ of 1993

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