A fire hose is shot along the river in front of the Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory

Oversized Archives

These files contain articles too large for storage in conventional document cases or files. They include oversized photographs and sketches, as well as building diagrams and blueprints. Many relate to specific publications about IIHR, or by IIHR personnel. Some would be excellent for display and are marked as such. A notation has been made whenever related photos or papers are also stored within regular-sized archives. See also IIHR Photo Archives collection; there is overlap on some of these projects.

Drawers 1–3: Conferences and People

  • Framed photographs, Hydraulics Conferences attendees
    • First conference (1939)
    • Second conference (1942)
    • Third conference (June 10–12, 1942)
    • Fourth conference (June 12–15, 1949)
    • Fifth conference (June 9–11, 1952)
    • Sixth conference (June 13–15, 1955)
    • Seventh conference, also unframed photograph (June 16–18, 1958)
  • Two framed photos of 19th ASCE Hydraulics Division Specialty Conference attendees
    • At IIHR (August 18–20, 1971)
    • Also unframed photos of attendees, several versions
  • Photograph of Second International Symposium on River Sedimentation
    • Nanjing, China (Oct. 11–16, 1983)
    • Group photograph, including J.F. Kennedy
  • Hunter Rouse wall display
    • Includes picture, obituary, awards, and a personal reflection by J.F. Kennedy

Drawer 3–4: Rouse Books

  • Elementary Mechanics of Fluids (by H. Rouse and J.W. Howe, 1946)–Drawer 4
    • Multiple blue linen sketches of book diagrams
    • Original photographs
  • Problems & Solutions and Questions & Answers for Elementary Mechanics of Fluids (by J.S. McNown, published Wiley and Sons, 1946)–Drawer 4
    • Multiple blue linen pages of problems
    • Written questions for each chapter of the Rouse book
    • Printed copy of this book (in very poor condition) and Xeroxed copy
  • Engineering Hydraulics (H. Rouse, Editor, Wiley and Sons)–Drawer 3
    Proceedings, Fourth Hydraulics Conference (June 12–15, 1949)

    • Chapter 1: “Fundamental Principles of Flow,” by Hunter Rouse
      Multiple blue linen sketches
    • Chapter 4: “Hydrology,” by Gordon R. Williams
      Multiple blue linen sketches
    • Chapter 5: “Flow of Ground Water,” by C.E. Jacob
      Multiple blue linen sketches
    • Chapter 7: “Surges and Waterhammer,” by J.S. McNown
      Five small blue linen sketches
    • Chapter 8: “Channel Transitions and Controls,” by A.T. Ippen
      Multiple blue linen sketches
    • Chapter 9: “Gradually Varied Channel Flow,” by C.J. Posey
      Multiple blue linen sketches
    • Chapter 10: “Flood Routing,” by B.R. Gilcrist
      Multiple blue linen sketches
    • Chapter 11: “Wave Motion,” by G.H. Keulegan
      Multiple blue linen sketches
    • Chapter 12: “Sediment Transportation,” by C.B. Brown
      Multiple blue linen sketches
    • Chapter 13: “Hydraulic Machinery,” by J.W. Daily
      Multiple blue linen sketches
  • The Basic Mechanics of Fluids (by H. Rouse and J.W. Howe, 1953)–Drawer 4
    • Multiple blue linen sketches of book diagrams
  • Advanced Mechanics of Fluids (by H. Rouse, 1959)–Drawer 4
    • Multiple blue linen sketches of book diagrams
  • Laboratory Instruction in the Mechanics of Fluids (by H. Rouse)–Drawer 4
    • Bulletin #41 (1961)
    • Four nice large blue linen sketches of graphs and equipment
    • Many small blue linen sketches

Note: Photographs are in Photo Archives

Drawer 4: Bulletins and Brochures about IIHR

  • The Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research (anonymous), IIHR Bulletin #30 (1946)
    • Blue linen sketches
    • Line drawing of front and side of proposed expansion (never completed)

Note: Bulletin photographs are filed in Photo Archives

  • Third Decade of Hydraulics at the State University of Iowa (M.C. Boyer, editor 1949), IIHR Bulletin #33
    • Blue linen sketches of Hydraulics Lab building
    • Blue linen sketches of equipment
    • (Good quality, suitable for display)
  • The First Half Century of Hydraulic Research as the University of Iowa (by E. Macagno, D.D. Moran, and D.W. McDougall, 1971), IIHR Bulletin #44
    • Original photographs
    • Sketches and diagrams of equipment
    • Blue linen sketch of layout of Hydraulics Lab
    • Large and detailed building diagrams
  • Christmas Card (1981)
    • Card illustration: Sketch of Hydraulics Lab as it appeared from 1921–28
  • Summary of Capabilities, brochure for potential contractors (by Marlene Janssen, November 1984)
    • Nice line drawings of wind tunnel, ice towing tank, ice facility, and flume
  • Flowing Through Time (by Cornelia F. Mutel, 1998)
    • Book’s cover graphic

Drawer 5: Research Projects

  • Cavitations and Pressure Distribution–Head Forms at Zero Angle of Yaw (by Rouse and J.S. McNown, 1948), IIHR Bulletin #32
    • Many nice blue linen sketches of equipment
    • Print of equipment drawing
    • Photographs of experiments

Note: Photo of wind tunnel setup placed in Photo Archives

  • Preliminary Design of Hydraulics Laboratory for University of Venezuela (by H. Rouse, March 1949)
    • Packet of architectural drawings for proposed laboratory in Venezuela

Note: Photos of project are in Photo Archive

  • Scour Around Bridge Piers and Abutments (by E.M. Laursen and A. Toch, 1956), Iowa Highway Research Bulletin #4
    • Blue linen graphs and sketches of equipment
    • Transparencies
    • Photos of project
  • Turbulence Characteristics of the Hydraulic Jump (by H. Rouse, T.T. Siao, and S. Nagaratham, 1959), IIHR Reprint #157
    • Multiple blue linen graphs
    • Note: Photos are in Photo Archive
  • Energy Transformation in Zones of Separation (by H. Rouse, June 1961), IIHR Reprint #181
    • Many blue linen sketches and photo negatives of experiments.
  • On the Bernoulli Theorem for Turbulent Flow (by H. Rouse, 1962), IIHR Reprint #179
    • Blue linen graphs and diagrams
    • Transparencies of graphs
  • Cavitation and Pressure Distribution Head Forms at Angles of Yaw (by H. Rouse, 1962), IIHR Bulletin #42
    • Multiple blue linen graphs
    • Four photographs of experiments
  • Hydraulic Mining Nozzle (by J.F. Kennedy, May 1966, no publication information)
    • Original sketches of nozzle equipment
  • Friction Factors for Flow in Sand-Bed Channels (by J.F. Kennedy and Abu M.Z. Alam, November 1969), IIHR Reprint #259; ASCE Proceedings Hydraulic Division, HY6, pp., 1973–92; also published as M.I.T. Report #78, June 1966
    • Figures, graphs, and blue linen sketches
    • Contains Alam’s thesis figures
  • Some Solutions of the Unsteady Two-Dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layer Equations (by V.C. Patel and J.F. Nash, 1972), IIHR Reprint #307
    • Original blue linen graphics and transparencies
  • A Simple Integral Method for the Calculation of Thick Axisymetric Boundary Layers (by V.C. Patel, December 1973), IIHR Reprint #340
    • Original hand-drawn graphs and graphics
  • Fluid Mechanics of the Human Duodenum (by R. Singerman, May 1974), PhD thesis
    • Graphs and sketches of equipment
  • Wind Tunnel Carriage Proposal (by J.F. Kennedy, July 1981), Proposal submitted to NSF
    • Nice sketches and figures (see sketch of wind tunnel carriage, Fig. 6)

Note: Some figures also used in proposal to ONR (January 1982), V.C. Patel

  • Submerged Vanes for Flow Control and Bank Protection in Streams; Bank Erosion Contribution to Stream Sediment Load (by A.J. Odgaard and H.Y. Lee, July and August 1984), IIHR Technical Reports 279 and 280
    • Numerous graphs and sketches
    • Aerial photographs of Johnson County, Iowa River
    • Negatives of aerial photographs

Drawer 6: Equipment Sketches

  • Original drawings of miscellaneous early equipment (by F. Locher, undated)
    • Spillway model
    • Annex wave-maker and bench
    • Typical cross-section, ice room towing tank
    • Carriage for second flume in cold room
    • Dynamometer
    • Calibration tank, sediment concentration probe
    • Student lab floor plan (1930s)
    • Student lab glass-walled flume (1930s?)

Drawer 6: Blueprints and Plans

  • Sketch showing property required for new hydraulics lab (undated, 1910s?)
    • One page
  • “Plans for Hydraulic Testing Canal” (plans for first Hydraulics Laboratory, 1915, built 1919)
    • Five pages: First sketches of proposed building, flume, and powerhouse
    • Beautiful sketch for display
    • Original and one copy
  • General plan for original hydraulics lab (May 1, 1918)
    • Nine pages: blueprints of building inside and out, flume, gate and gate hoist, and inlet
  • Miscellaneous hydraulics lab blueprints
    • Proposed Hydraulics Laboratory (1926, not built)
      • Three pages
    • Hydraulics lab substructure (1927, one page), proposed addition–first sketches of 1928 construction. Very nice sketches for display
      • Five pages
    • River flume (1928)
      • One page
    • Collection tank and river flume (1929)
      • Three pages
  • Detailed plans for construction of north wing of Hydraulics Laboratory (1928)
    • Original and copy, 19 pages
  • Miscellaneous, Hydraulics Laboratory (1930)
    • Gas pipe rails, two pages
    • Foundation extension, one page
    • Renovation plans, six pages
  • Bear Trap Weir (June 4, 1930)
    • One page
  • Miscellaneous, Hydraulics Laboratory (1931)
    • Four-Foot Pipeline and Contraction Meter
    • Reducing Plugs for Contraction Meter
    • Head Gate
  • Hydraulics Lab addition (central tower, south wing, 1932)
    • Interior and exterior of building (seven sheets, plus three copies)
    • Detailed drawings (17 sheets), two copies
    • Stairway connections (one sheet) and two building cross-sections, undated
    • Preliminary plans (two sheets)

Drawer 7: Blueprints and Plans (cont.)

  • Towing tank construction, “To Provide a Clear Water Reservoir, Re-circulating Flume, and Towing Tank” (three sheets, 1954)
    • New upstream bulkhead (one sheet)
    • Gunnite and channel housing (one sheet)
  • Structural steel drawings for IIHR Environmental Flow Facility (Oct. 24, 1974)
    • Twelve sheets
    • Original drawings and blueprints, thermal flume
  • “Fire Safety Deficiency Removal. Phase V” and “Correct Fire Safety Deficiencies”
    • Four pages (1985)
    • Two pages (1996)
  • Hydraulics Lab modernization, preliminary, not for construction (detailed architectural plans, Oct. 10, 2000)
    • Many pages
    • Architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical plans
  • Hydraulics Lab modernization, telecommunications wiring diagram, and project manual (Dec. 18, 2000)
    • Many pages
  • MRERS (Mississippi Riverside Environmental Research Station, February 2001)
    • Twenty-seven pages, three copies
    • Also complete blueprints, floor plan, location of outlets, and date lines (one page)
  • MRERS project manual (February 2001)
    • Very large
    • Accounts for all planned construction details, plus two addenda to this manual (March 2001)