Weber, Larry

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IIHR Director Larry Weber (right) leads the Iowa Watersheds Project, which is designed to help determine whether farm ponds and other constructed improvements can make a difference in reducing flood damage.

IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Director, Center for Hydrologic Development
IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering

Professional Designation
Edwin B. Green Chair in Hydraulics

Office: 107C Stanley Hydraulics Lab (SHL)

Phone: (319) 335-5597



Education: MS, The University of Iowa, 1990
PhD, The University of Iowa, 1993

Research Areas
Fish passage facilities
Physical modeling
River hydraulics
Computational hydraulics
Ice mechanics
Water quality
Watershed processes

Biography: I am the IIHR Director, a professor of civil and environmental engineering, and hold the Edwin B. Green Chair in Hydraulics. With Director Witold Krajewski, I helped create the IFC and continue to be active in its development through work with the Iowa Legislature. I have also been active in IFC programs for statewide floodplain mapping and watershed projects for flood damage reduction, including the $97M Iowa Watershed Approach. As a service to the state of Iowa, I am a member of the Water Resources Coordinating Council and participate on numerous state and federal agency committees related to water resources planning. I frequently present to community groups on water resources-related topics. I am a native Iowan and enjoy outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, and woodland restoration and conservation work.