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Environmental Flow Facility

Flow around floor blocks in Pit-6 Dam model (Qp = 300,000 cfs).

Flow around floor blocks in Pit-6 Dam model (Qp = 300,000 cfs).

The Environmental Flow Facility (EFF) is a recirculating laboratory flume having a test section 65 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 7.5 feet deep. The structure is built of concrete and steel, with eight four-foot wide plate glass windows for flow visualization on the test section. The remaining sides and the floor are of 1-1/8-inch thick high-density overlay.

The flow, propelled by two 36-inch pumps driven by variable speed motors, enters the working section of the flume through a contraction section. A discharge up to 125 cfs can be obtained.

The facility is equipped with water-filtering equipment and ancillary pumps for feeding and withdrawing heated/cooled flows. The flume is fitted with two 500,000 Btu/hr gas-fired water heaters and a small cooling tower to permit generation of temperature-biased plumes, control of model ambient temperature, and production of density stratification.

Environmental flow facility

Environmental flow facility

The facility has been used primarily for model studies of buoyant plumes, cooling-tower recirculation and interference, fish-protection devices, spillways, etc. The EFF has also been used to study biophysical characteristics of swimmers to improve their swimming skills.

Plan and elevation of IIHR's Environmental Flow Facility.

Plan and elevation of IIHR’s Environmental Flow Facility.

The late Prof. Hunter Rouse designed this unique facility in 1974.

More Information

For more information about IIHR’s Environmental Flow Facility, contact Director Larry Weber.

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